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Gossip & NewsRajeev Sen Accuses Wife Charu Of 'Keeping Daughter Ziana Away From Him

Rajeev Sen Accuses Wife Charu Of ‘Keeping Daughter Ziana Away From Him

Due to difficulties in their marriage, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have been in the headlines for the past few months. On June 9, 2019, in Goa, Charu and Rajeev tied the knot after a couple of years of dating. Everything was worked out between them, and in 2021 the couple welcomed a baby girl named Ziana. However, their married relationship once more struck rock bottom, and they both now want to split ways peacefully. Recently, Charu accused Rajeev of using their daughter Ziana and her name in the vlog to increase views. Rajeev has already responded to her claims by posting a new vlog in which he criticizes Charu for preventing their daughter from getting close to him.

Rajeev Sen Accuses Wife Charu

Sen attacked Charu Asopa in his most recent vlog after she alleged that he was using their daughter’s name and hers to increase views. “Charu is acting like a kid, and for the past month, I’ve been making content alone. Ziana is with Charu and not with me. When it comes to views and content, Charu makes superb use of Zianna,” he said.

Additionally, he questioned why Charu couldn’t create a vlog without Ziana. And just occasionally feature her if she couldn’t keep away from YouTube. He went on to say that Charu had taken their daughter from him and that she now lives her life for YouTube.

Watch Rajeev’s full vlog here

For those who are unaware, it all started when Charu said Rajeev is an “emotionally inaccessible” parent. She said that he doesn’t spend enough time with the family in her YouTube vlog. She added that Rajeev objected to her sharing Zianna, their daughter, on social media in pictures and videos.

Even in interviews, Charu and Rajeev stated that they were going the legal path. Charu claims to had given Rajeev “enough chances” already. On the other hand, Rajeev claimed that Charu frequently plays the “victim card” and concealed her previous marriage from him.

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