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Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan serial update – Rohan to marry Radha?

As shown in the Monday episode of Prateek Sharma’s “Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan serial,” Damini holds Radha responsible for all of the wedding’s mishaps. All of them are astonished as she takes her jewellery and Varmala. Mohan brings Radha to his chamber after she asks him to marry her. Damini, who is sobbing, asks Mohan how he could take another woman to his room in her presence. On her face, Mohan closes the door. Damini begins to rap on the door.

Radha becomes alarmed and tries to stop Mohan as he starts hurling objects around the room. However, Mohan shoves her, causing her to stumble on some broken glass and cry out in agony. Damini and Kaveri are also waiting outside the room at the same moment.

Kadambari also arrives and informs Damini that Mohan is now the centre of attention. She mocks Damini by telling her that Radha is inside the room while she is outside using tricks and blackmail. She suggests that perhaps Mohan would come to see that he loves Radha as well. Kadambari adjourns.

Radha Mohan serial:

What if everything that Kadambari predicted comes true, Kaveri asks Damini. Damini is in dismay. To find out what happens next, keep watching “Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan.”

Shabir Ahluwalia, Neeharika Roy, Keerti Nagpure, Reeza Choudhary, Sambhabana Mohanty, Swati Shah, Manisha Purohit, Brij Kishore Tiwari, Kajal Khanchandani, Rajendra Lodhia, Pooja Kava, Sumit Arora, and Ranveer Singh Malik are among the cast members of “Pyar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan serial.” It airs on the channel Zee TV.

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