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Bollywood Gossip & NewsPriya Malik Birthday special interview!

Priya Malik Birthday special interview!

Priya Malik, a former actress who is now a poet, will turn a year older on January 9 and has already planned arrangements to mark the occasion. The writer, teacher, broadcaster, and actor intend to travel to Gujarat and spend some time outdoors.

“I’m heading to the Sasan Gir forest for my birthday this year. I’m living at the magnificent “Woods At Sasan” property, which is all about sustainability and adheres to the same aesthetics and values as me—eating Satvik food, taking long walks, getting ayurvedic massages, engaging in holistic well-being activities, and being in nature. I want to celebrate my birthday this year in that way.” She says.

Priya hopes and prays that the coming year will allow her to successfully balance her personal and professional lives. She says she intends to embrace parenthood in the future.

“This year, I want to prioritise both riches and health, which is why I’m celebrating my birthday in a Satvik environment.” She says, “I want to give myself the gift of health and well-being, and I think it’s a terrific opportunity for me to reconnect with myself and nature. I believe it is crucial for me to pay attention to that. I desire to start a family in the upcoming years. In order to prepare for that, I want to first get back on track with my fitness levels by reducing my stress levels, exercising, spending more time in nature, calming down, and meditating.”

Priya Malik:

She reveals that the birthday memories she cherishes the most are those from her early years. When recalling those simpler times, the poet sounded emotional.

“My mother used to throw the nicest birthday celebrations. The customary birthday celebrations from the 1990s included samosas, chaat, tea, and pastries, and all of my friends would visit. I used to cut a pineapple cake while donning a new outfit because I thought there was such beauty in simplicity. Priya takes a little trip down memory lane. And says, “I miss those birthdays when the whole friends and family used to get together. And just be pleased with whatever little we had.” Priya briefly reminisces and jokes, “Isiliye main 2023 main bhi 1999 dhoond rahi hoon,” from one of her poems.

It’s only a number, age. When asked her opinion on the matter, Priya Malik responds, “I totally believe that age is only a number. I didn’t begin writing poems professionally until I was over 30 years old. Therefore, I think it’s never too late to start whatever you want to. In both my personal and professional lives. Also, I still feel as though I have a tonne of work to do and goals to complete. I am excited to see what this year holds for me (smiles).

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