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Popatlal meets an astrologer in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Update: Popatlal is furious that the proposal was rejected since the stars didn’t align according to their horoscope. The females comfort Homa Bs. Popatlal bemoans his misfortune and complains about how the proposal was rejected even before he met the couple. Bhide consoles him, but Popatlal doesn’t seem to change his negative attitude.

Anjali, to his advantage, has an insight and advises that he consult an astrologer. Popatlal is hesitant to go, but Anjali persuades him that he is a family friend and should go. In agreement, Popatlal grows impatient to meet the astrologer. Popatlal leaves hurriedly to meet him when Anjali informs him he can go there right away.

When the astrologer tells someone else that he shouldn’t get married for another year, he becomes alarmed.

Popatlal isn’t sure if he’ll have to deal with the same situation. The astrologer advises him to work harder and not give up because his birth chart is very fortunate and predicts that after two days, he will receive additional marriage proposals. Upon going to Anjali and Taarak’s home to share the good news, Popatlal is rebuked by Taarak for choosing a present of the bitter guard over anything sweet.

Popatlal argues that since Anjali gave him the chance to meet the astrologer, he has everything she values the most. He then speaks with Bhide at his home. Following Popatlal’s departure, Bhide’s family members enter the home and inform him that they are looking for a husband for their daughter. Bhide considers Popatlal, but the bride’s family is keen that the groom be a teacher.

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