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Bollywood TV ShowsNyrraa M Banerji weighs her opinion on the Tunisha Sharma case

Nyrraa M Banerji weighs her opinion on the Tunisha Sharma case

This year, the entertainment sector lost a number of brilliant individuals, including television actress Tunisha Sharma. The actress, 20, killed herself, and her burial took place on December 27. Bollywood Hush got in a candid chat with the actress Nyrraa M Banerji from the TV industry to understand the Tunisha Sharma case better.

Is it difficult for people to deal with love and grief in the entertainment industry? How can one stop heartbreaks from leading to extreme behaviour like suicide?

The lead actress of Pishachini Nyrraa M. Banerji discusses this and offers her opinion. “It’s quite heartbreaking to hear that a popular, up-and-coming, young actress who was 20 years old committed herself in this way. Although we don’t know why I would really like to emphasise that it’s really regrettable. Suicide is an extremely drastic action. She must have had a compelling reason for taking that extreme action, which we will never comprehend. I believe it is not nice to murder oneself and take one’s own life, which is a gift from God.”

Nyrraa talks about the Tunisha Sharma case:

She further adds, “In actuality, she had acting potential. She was well-liked, well-known, and had accomplished a lot. Her entire career lay ahead of her. While you’re feeling that way, all it takes is a moment to stop and consider whether ending someone’s life when they still have a whole career ahead of them is truly worth it. The upbringing you received from your parents, the sacrifices made by everyone to get you where you are, your education, the love and support of your family, and everyone else in your environment are all important considerations. It’s unfortunate that suicide has claimed so many lives.”

So, this was all about Nyrraa Banerjee talking about the Tunisha Sharma case. Watch this space Bollywood Life News at Bollywood Hush for more updates on the latest controversies.

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