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MoviesBollywood MoviesNitesh Tiwari & Anubhav Sinha opine on #SaveOurCinemas Campaign

Nitesh Tiwari & Anubhav Sinha opine on #SaveOurCinemas Campaign

Coronavirus has sucked the joy out of the entire globe. Our nation is facing umpteen turmoils because of the same. The coronavirus triggered lockdown called for a complete shutdown across the country. However, the gradual opening of the nation as per the guidelines is now taking place. One thing that is still bothering millions is the Silenced Cinema Halls. Many people are in favour with the government’s action plan while many oppose it. Bombay Times collected opinions by Anubhav Sinha and Nitesh Tiwari on the same. Both of them hold a reputed position in the industry and have brought quality content to the viewers.

Anubhav Sinha & Nitesh Tiwari Share their Love for Cinema Halls:

Thappad‘ movie director Anubhav Sinha said that cinema halls are more than for the purpose of movie watching. Showing concerns about the endangered business of cinema halls, he shared, “Cinema halls must be preserved by us and by the government. That business is in trouble today with monumental maintenance costs of idle machines and empty seats. When the crisis of the pandemic gets over and it is safe for all of us to go back to that experience we must, in hordes. Even our governments at the centre and states must travel that extra mile to help this business sail through the colossal crisis that the movie theatre business almost terminally ails from at the moment.”

Nitesh shared his love for theatres and also told that he has watched Agneepath (old version) six times in the theatre. There are quite a few movies who are in the same list. Recalling the golden days of watching as many movies in the theatres as he wanted, he shared an amusing incident. He said, “I have even watched a movie alone in a theatre after buying 6 tickets for myself because the theatre guys wanted a minimum of 6 people to start the show.”

He also added, “Now because of this unprecedented situation, I feel like a part of my routine has gone for a toss. As a filmmaker I always go to different theatres to watch my movie with the audience. There is so much to learn from the way the audience reacts to what you have created. I always treat it as an acid test.”

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