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New Year’s eve Plans of your favourite TV celebs

This time the New Year was a double celebration. While some famous people take yearly vacations, others organise family-friendly activities. Bollywood Hush got in a candid chat with your favourite TV celebs and they reveal their New year’s plans.

TV celebs on New Year’s eve:

Payal Panchal:

My new year’s celebration would be an event in Indore with my family. I do intend to take my pals to a nearby temple as part of a planned outing. To do something that scares you or that you’ve always thought you’d be horrible at would be my New Year’s resolution. Instead of limiting yourself to your perceived abilities, try something new once a month that can surprise you. I’m looking forward to generating new content, experimenting with new concepts, and developing new chances for myself as a professional Youtuber.

Aniruddh Dave:

I’ll be in Goa this year with my family. The New Year will be ushered in in Goa. My New Year’s resolution is to put more effort into my trade and work harder to meet my objectives.

Rajit Dev:

The finest possible outcome. On December 31st, I’ll be shooting. For work, I’ll be in Ooty. However, we do want to celebrate at midnight. I’ll surely have my assistant with me, and perhaps the shooting team as well. Believe in yourself. One day will come when everything will change. My motto has always been, “I’ll keep trying until I don’t succeed.”

Nishant Malkani:

I don’t really have any plans, but I might go to my friend’s house on New Year’s Eve. I’ll be ringing in the new year with my pals and spending the next day with my family. I am anticipating a few projects and am hoping for the positive feedback. I want to advance both personally and professionally in 2023.

Sneha Jain:

As I do every year with my pals, I am not travelling this year. I’m throwing a New Year’s Eve party at my house this year. I’m going to spend the first day of the year with my loved ones and supportive friends. My goal for the new year is to give back to society by educating and mentoring young people. I can at least educate or send one girl to school. Additionally, take action for stray dogs.

Sakshi Dwivedi:

For the New Year, I might go to Dubai or Goa. I am uncertain since I tend to schedule my activities haphazardly. I would have preferred to ring in the new year with my family, but as I will be working in Mumbai this year, I will instead be spending it with my pals. I’d like to focus on my craft and improve myself emotionally, psychologically, and physically as part of my New Year’s resolution. Additionally, I need to concentrate on my profession and a few other factors, as well as get more organised and disciplined.

Pranitaa Pandit:

Shiny Doshi is travelling to Goa at the same time as I am. I haven’t really gotten to get out with my friends in a while. Also, I will therefore welcome the New Year in Goa with my friends and family. I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions since I’ve broken so many of them that I’ve stopped making them altogether for years.

Sudhanshu Pandey:

I have pretty basic plans for the new year. To celebrate, I’m not going anyplace. On New Year’s Eve, I’ll be staying in and possibly having a few pals over. Other than that, it’s just my wife, kids, and two pals. I don’t have a New Year’s resolution since I don’t have any vices that I need to kick, any habits I need to give up, or anything additional I need to start doing. I consider every day to be brand-new. And for me, each day marks the start of the rest of my life. Therefore, that is how I see it. And each day, I exert all of my effort and hard labour. There isn’t a solution, then. But I’d like to continue pushing myself.

Aditya Shukla:

My primary New Year’s Eve plans involve spending time with my family. Prior to starting my acting career, I was a deep sea diver, so anytime I was on a ship, I used to miss holidays like Diwali and birthdays in addition to other special occasions. I therefore truly enjoy celebrating any large event or day, such as Christmas, New Year’s, or anything else, with my family. We’ll be enjoying it with my loved ones and family members in one of the homes of my family members, thus it will be in Mumbai itself. My goal for the new year is to work hard and not give any justifications. Because everyone in the globe has lost two years of their life to COVID, I, therefore, vowed to maximise each day, give it my all, and work nonstop.

Kate Sharma:

The coming of the New Year is one of my favourite times of the year since it is brimming with new possibilities and energy. As always, I’ll be celebrating with my loved ones. As of right now, it appears that I’ll be spending the New Year in Mumbai, but knowing me, I could end myself somewhere unexpected. I’m very eager to work this year. No more wasting time; I must act now to bring my dreams into reality. Also, according to an astrologer, 2023 will be my lucky year. We’ll see how lucky it turns out. Aside from acting, I am also developing a few business ventures. But my primary love and priority have always been performing.

Aadesh Chaudhary:

To celebrate the New Year with my folks, I travelled back to my hometown. My current New Year’s resolution is to get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise and work out at that time. I want to establish this as a regular practice because staying up late wastes a half day.

Watch this space Bollywood Life News at Bollywood Hush for more exclusive updates on your favourite TV celebs and their new year plans.

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