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Mika Di Vohti – Mika Singh Reveals His Past Story To his potential brides on Swayamvar

Mika Singh is now on his path to finding the perfect life mate after receiving a great deal of affection and acclaim in his career. He wants to settle down at age 45. The Indian musician is currently discussing how his ex-girlfriend hit him for cheating on her on the program Swayamvar-Mika Di Vohti

The singer invited Mika Di Vohti to share a situation in her life that no one knew about, as they were chatting with one of his possible brides on Swayamvar. During this time, he disclosed how he would keep the phone numbers of various women under the names of boys, but that he had once been caught and received a smack as a result.

Mika Di Vohti - Mika Singh Reveals His Past Story To his potential brides on Swayamvar

Mika Singh said, “It was risky. I had bodyguards. I had the swag, and all of my songs were hits. When you are always in the spotlight, you will inevitably have admirers, especially female ones. The girl I met was really attractive. I gave her a house promise and even came up with names for the kids: Sunny and Bunny. She had me in a tizzy. I used to flirt a little bit. Cellular phone pe Thoda bahut chalta tha. I used to receive these calls, and some of them were pleasant. I saved one of their numbers as “Rakesh”. So I used to say, “Haan Rakesh bol,” in response to calls.”

“Rakesh” kept phoning and I wasn’t answering. Once, she came over. I kept making excuses as she badgered me to take the call. She made a threat to answering the phone. She put the call on speaker and I answered it. I was arrested. She gave me a tight slap. I received my first smack, at which point I realized what a girlfriend is all about. The next time Rakesh or Ramesh calls, she said to me, “This is just the beginning.” I kept worrying that even though she had smacked me privately, she might do so in public. She frightened me”.

Then I began telling her every aspect of my trip, including where I was sleeping, my room number, and everything else. She insisted that I make calls from my hotel room. To see whether other girls were around, she would have me yell, “I love you.”  Mika Singh continued.

Well, Mika Singh made a very significant revelation there. But we’re delighted he acknowledged his error and took the lesson to heart!

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