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Manuj Nagpal opens about his character in the Rabb Se Hai Dua serial

Iqbal is portrayed by Manuj Nagpal in Rabb Se Hai Dua. Prateek Sharma is in charge of producing the show. The actor expresses his delight over the phenomenal reception the show has received.

“The crowd is adoring the play, and people are enjoying the presentation’s look, feel of royalness, and rawness. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing trip,” he exclaims.
Despite enjoying his role as Iqbal, Manuj admits that it’s challenging to empathise with this kind of character. He discusses the procedure.

The actor says, “Generally speaking, we are not like this in real life. Iqbal and I are polar opposites, especially in person, as I believe in humanity and am more spiritual and compassionate. But as an actor, it’s nice to portray a character who contrasts with your nature, so I’m pleased to be doing this.”

Rabb Se Hai Dua serial:

He further adds, “At first, it was challenging because the part was a little larger than life, but over time, it’s been much easier to get into the character and atmosphere. Amazingly, everyone who is creative is working very hard. My role, Iqbal, should be like this and that, according to director Yusuf Ansari, creative director Avhiroop Majumdar, and writer Zaheer Shaikh, who has written it superbly.”

Manuj responds when asked if he ever brings his role home, “Yes, occasionally, especially when I have big language and fight scenes. After the shot, I occasionally feel like Iqbal, the most ruthless, merciless man alive, before gradually regaining my natural personality. I practise meditation, eat well, work out, and get enough sleep. As soon as I talk to my mother and other members of my family, I feel normal again.”

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