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TV ShowsMannequins instead of actors for intimate scenes - Life after lockdown

Mannequins instead of actors for intimate scenes – Life after lockdown

The television industry is adopting new techniques to prevent the coronavirus outbreak while also keeping the show going. Along with social distancing, precautions, on-site doctors, mannequins instead of actors would be used. Yes, you have read it right, the actors have been replaced by the statues for intimate scenes.  

Mannequins instead of actors:

Mannequins instead of actors for intimate scenes - Life after lockdown

We are all aware of the fact that many serials are being axed mid-air after the lockdown. The financial crisis because of the coronavirus pandemic is a major issue in the entertainment industry too. Now after months of lockdown in India, shootings of the serials are slowly being resumed. Actors would be doing all the scenes while trying to maintain as much social distancing as possible. The dialogues, acting and many other things will be done by the actors. However, mannequins would be used for many other scenes, especially for the proximity scenes.  

Mannequins instead of actors do strikeout when we read it. Nevertheless, the proper sanitization of the mannequins should also be ensured. As the danger of the statues being contaminated with the virus is also a high possibility. Times have changed drastically due to the global epidemic Covid-19. People are trying to stay far from each other as much as possible.  

The chief minister of Maharastra Uddhav Thackrey recently relaxed and released new rules for shooting. Nevertheless, the directors weren’t satisfied with them. A panel of directors then wrote a letter to the Chief Minister requesting for some changes in the rules. Read about that story in detail here. 

Now, the makers of the serials in Kolkata considers mannequins instead of actors for intimate scenes. This idea might be used with Hindi serials too. Share your views and ideas through the comments below. Stay tuned to BollywoodHush for the latest news and updates on the entertainment industry.