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Gossip & NewsMandana Karimi of Big Boss 9 talks about the need of Cyber-Security

Mandana Karimi of Big Boss 9 talks about the need of Cyber-Security

With the advent of the changing times and advancing technologies, cyber-crime is increasing. Many actresses and celebrities are on the receiving end of the never ending hatred. Mandana Karimi, of Big Boss 9 fame, is facing the same scenario. She had put up her hot pictures but got bashed by the netizens. The major reason of her getting so many lewd and negative comments is her religion. Since, the model is Muslim, many netizens believe that she should not post pictures of such kind. However, people fail to understand that the message she wishes to send across is of embracing one’s self.

Mandana Karimi receives hatred for posting semi-nude pictures:

The model and actress in an interview with ETimes said, “Cyber security is something that I am really concerned about because I have many many stalkers, and they take out the information that I put, which is available. They make phone calls, email my co-stars, my family, and my friends. So, what I feel is that what I am really scared of is cyber security in India or as a matter of fact, in any part of the world.”

The indo-iranian model’s semi-nude mirror selfies have been backfired on her. The most recent pictures of hers in a towel have ignited a wrath amongst few people. People are judging her for the same. She said, “There are a lot of people, who are judging me because I’m Iranian, I’m Muslim.”


She was also quoted as, “Right now, especially during the lockdown time with so much free time in hand with the hackers, it’s kind of a scary place. I’ve dealt with problems with securities online where someone hacked my social media and there were emails sent to my friends and family. So, I hope it’s going to become better, a safe place for a lot of us because we are all sharing a lot out there. Especially for me as an artist, I put a lot out there from my personal life, my opinions, and everything. I think it’s important to have better cybersecurity, especially in India.”

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