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Koena Mitra talks about Sushant’s Case

Young actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death on June 14, 2020 led to umpteen conspiracies. Getting Central Bureau of Investigation involved in the case seemed to be a huge struggle for actor’s family, friends and fans. However, the case has taken its first step towards justice on August 19, 2020 when the Supreme Court passed the verdict of CBI probe into the case. Many Bollywood celebs, like Kriti Sanon, Kangana Ranaut and Ankita Lokhande have talked about the same. Now, Koena Mitra has voiced her thoughts. The diva has immense faith in the Indian Judiciary.

Koena Mitra Opens up About Sushant’s Case:

In an interview with a news portal, the actress shared, “I don’t know if this case will ever come to an end and give us answers. There’s a lot happening. So far what I’ve observed is that something keeps happening that diverts our attention to something else. And people will forget the matter. But I hope this doesn’t happen.”

Koena also opined about the way she suspected something fishy in the case when the Bihar cops were treated poorly. The actress yet again emphasized about trusting and relying on the law. She was quoted as, “The way the cops from Bihar were treated forced me to think there is something fishy about the case. There are many theories, but my only concern is that the judiciary of the country shouldn’t disappoint. His family and fans have a right to know how Sushant passed away.”

The actress had earlier taken to Twitter from her official account to convey the uselessly noisy nature of people about the case. Check her tweet below.


Koena also said that celebrities should open up on grave and serious issues. She said, “If the public has given us stature, we must also be answerable to them. A lot of people don’t like answering questions and don’t like being questioned. I have a problem with that. I and a few others like me, have been vocal about various issues and we’ve been indirectly told that it will destroy our careers and people will start avoiding us. That will not stop me from being what I am.”

Koena Mitra has always been upfront about her stands and positions. Share your thoughts with us on the same.

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