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MoviesBollywood MoviesKissing Aamir Khan wasn't easy - Says Karishma Kapoor

Kissing Aamir Khan wasn’t easy – Says Karishma Kapoor

After 24 years, Karishma Kapoor reveals that kissing Aamir Khan wasn’t easy. The actress reveals publically how hard it was for her to kiss the perfectionist actor, Aamir Khan. Their kissing scene from the film Raja Hindustani had stunned the audience in the theatres. Sparks and chemistry were at a peak in the film between the characters.  

Karishma Kapoor kissing Aamir Khan:

Kissing Aamir Khan wasn't easy - Says Karishma Kapoor

The iconic film Raja Hindustani starred Karishma Kapoor and Aamir Khan in the lead. The film was released in 1996 and was directed by Dharmesh Darshan. It was a blockbuster film of the year, which still has a place in most of our hearts. Raja Hindustani is praised for its story, songs, screenplay, and also the famous kissing scene. Karishma and Aamir’s kiss is discussed most amongst the fans when talked about the movie. 

Karishma Kapoor and Aamir Khan’s kissing scene from Raja Hindustani is one of the most famous Bollywood kisses. However, the actress shared her condition during the shooting of the scene, after 24 years. In an interview, she said it took three days for them to shoot the scene. The charismatic scene was shot in Ooty. They were covered in drapery, and fake rain was falling on them.  

The scene had made her very uncomfortable, as they were wrapped in a tight cover. Also, it was being shot at 7 in the morning. As per the actress, it was very hard for them to shoot the long kissing scene under those distressing circumstances. Nonetheless, the scene came out to be one of the most iconic scenes of Bollywood. Fans still go crazy over the kissing sequence. There were whistles and claps in the theatres during this scene. Share with us your thoughts on the story of Karishma Kapoor kissing Aamir Khan wasn’t easy. Stay connected to Bollywoodhush for more news and updates.