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Gossip & NewsKartik Aaryan against China's Yulin festival starts #YulinKMKB & #StopYulin

Kartik Aaryan against China’s Yulin festival starts #YulinKMKB & #StopYulin

Many Bollywood celebrities love animals, but few stand up for them. The young and talented actor Kartik Aaryan against China’s Yulin festival has started two hashtags on the internet. #YulinKMKB and #StopYulin are currently trending on the internet. The down-to-earth actor didn’t lag while supporting the ones who cannot speak up for themselves. It is clear that the actor loves dogs and cares about them too much to stand up for what’s right.  

Kartik Aaryan against China’s Yulin festival:

Kartik Aaryan against China's Yulin festival starts #YulinKMKB & #StopYulin

If you still don’t know what China’s Yulin festival is, then be prepared to read something very bizarre. This festival will break even the strongest hearts of people, let alone the faint hearts. Every year the Chinese celebrate a festival where they take the lives of dogs and eat their meat. The innocent dogs are butchered to death to fulfill their weird and disgusting craving.   

Before Kartik Aaryan, Anushka Sharma had also shared it on her social media. Both are animal lovers, Anushka is known for her charity towards the four paws. Now, Kartik Aaryan took it to his Instagram account and shared a picture with his fur babies and pleaded people to start the #YulinKMKB & #StopYulin drive on the internet. These hashtags are currently trending, Kartik has done a good job educating and spreading awareness about the Yulin festival amongst people. Have a look at his post below. 

Kartik even took it in his hands to reply to people on his post. He requested his fans and meme pages to share the #YulinKMKB through the comments. The post went viral as soon as the Bollywood actor shared it. The dog slaughter festival is a cruel thing to do, people are also angry with the Chinese that they have learned nothing after Covid-19.  

Kartik Aaryan against China's Yulin festival starts #YulinKMKB & #StopYulin

Tell us what do you think about Kartik Aaryan against China’s Yulin festival through the comments. Stay tuned to BollywoodHush for more updates on your favorite celebs.