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MoviesBollywood MoviesKareena Kapoor Opines On the 'Huge Discussion' of Nepotism

Kareena Kapoor Opines On the ‘Huge Discussion’ of Nepotism

After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, netizens are taking dig at all the star-kids. The enraged people have flooded the social media with posts of hatred for Bollywood Biggies. Many actors and filmmakers have come forth to voice their struggles on the same. While some dismissed the existence of nepotism in the industry, others normalized it. Bollywood Heroine Kareena Kapoor, has now opined on the same. She started by questioning why people are going on this ‘huge discussion.’

Kareena Kapoor expresses her Thoughts on Nepotism:

Kareena said that there is no assurance about Taimur being a star. As per Bebo, Taimur will do as per his wishes and choices. She said, “I think everyone gets what they deserve in their lives, what is there in their destiny. Yeh nahi hai ki Taimur Ali Khan is going to become the biggest star in this country. He’s not. He’s probably the most photographed child in this country, for whatever reason, I have no clue. I will also wish for my son that he be self-sufficient and self-reliant.”

She believes in giving a free-hand to her child. Bebo would support Taimur if he wishes to be a pilot, chef etc. She was quoted by a media portal as, “I am like you do what you want to do in life. You want to be a chef somewhere, a pilot, whatever you want to do. I want him to fly and be happy in his life. And it’s not necessary that because he has successful parents, he will be successful. His journey is going to start when he wants to start. He has to find his own path. His parents are not going to help him in whatever way.”

Kareena recently shared a cute picture of Taimur Ali Khan, calling him ‘inhouse picasso.’

The actress also shared that Taimur’s career is not decided whereas people are speculating about her kid’s future. Share your thoughts on the actress Kareena Kapoor through the comments section below.

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