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Gossip & NewsKaranvir Bohra criticizes Donald Trump for his retaliation statement

Karanvir Bohra criticizes Donald Trump for his retaliation statement

The television actor Karanvir Bohra criticizes Donald Trump, the American president for his retaliation statement. Karanvir Bohra is known for speaking his mind and taking relevant action. He didn’t lag to stand-up for the Indian prime minister when there were harsh comments from the US president. The actor showed support by making a video to express his views and sentiments for the country. 

Karanvir Bohra criticizes Donald Trump for his retaliation statement

Along with India, the whole world is suffering from the outbreak of the pandemic disease Coronavirus. The global leaders are fighting for a drug called hydroxychloroquine. This drug isn’t a definite cure but helps in preventing the deaths from Coronavirus. It also has many side effects to it, which may lead to other severe health problems. Therefore the drug was banned in India. Although, regardless of the severe side effects, the U.S. President Donald Trump wanted India to remove the ban from the export of the drug. 

Trump had tweeted earlier that he had a word with Prime minister Narendra Modi on call to request the removal of the ban on the drug. There was a little delay in the reply from Narendra Modi. So Trump tweeted, If India doesn’t remove the ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine, there will be retaliation from the U.S. Soon after, Modi announced that export of hydroxychloroquine in neighboring countries is legal.

Karanvir Bohra criticizes Donald Trump:

Karanvir didn’t like the baseless ultimatum from the US president and shared a few strong words as a reaction. The video is been trending on the internet. Many of his fans and other Indian citizens appreciate Karanvir Bohra for his bold move. Karanvir Bohra criticizes Donald Trump with a harsh speech and gets love from Indians. 

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