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John Abraham speaks about How He Got Opportunities in the Industry

John Abraham, the handsome actor, who has won hearts of people with his acting skills and charm. The actor has swayed his fans by his looks, figure and fitness. Debates that have erupted on nepotism after Sushant’s death, have come a long way. Now John Abraham has spoken about connections and getting work in the industry. John, who is an outsider, has opined whether the industry is fair to the outsiders or not.

John Abraham talks about the Negativity in the Industry:

Speaking to Hindustan Times, John said, “People who are accommodating, some who are not so accommodating. As a whole, the industry has been very gracious, and extremely good. Contrary to the way people are looking at our industry today, I think it’s a good place, it’s not that bad. In our industry, it’s only more conspicuous, it’s out there in the open, and we get crucified a lot for it. Have I got opportunities from people who have been in the industry? Yes. Have I been the flag bearer for taking people from outside the industry in films I produced? Yes. I have been in both places, and there’s no thumb rule that someone is good or bad. It’s a very individual place. You can choose to create your own path.”

The actor also talked about the prevalent negativity in the film industry. He wishes to be the epitome , whom people look up to. He said, “There’s a lot of negativity today in the industry, but I want to be that one person, and one of those few, however you want to look at it, who people look out to and say ‘hey, no, this place is decent, look at him. He’s survived, and standing here talking to us, he has nothing negative to say about anyone. He feels positive about everybody and himself, and his work. Why can’t we use him as an example? If John Abraham can, we can’.”

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