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MoviesBollywood MoviesJacqueline Fernandez Talks About Positivity During Lockdown

Jacqueline Fernandez Talks About Positivity During Lockdown

Global pandemic has disturbed everyone and celebrities are no exceptions. Everyone has gone through tensions and turmoils due to the coronavirus triggered lockdown. Jacqueline Fernandez has opened UP about the same. The gorgeous diva aims at spreading love and positivity around. In a live chat with Times, she shared how she has pushed herself to be a positive and stronger person mentally.

Jacqueline Fernandez Counts Her Blessings:

She said, “This is our fifth month and counting that we are now in lockdown phase and we are all quarantined and life has changed drastically for each and every single one of us across the globe. So I just want to start by saying that I am very grateful for the millions of people out there right now who are the front liners, who are out there to protect us, who are really risking their lives every single day to be out there and risking the threat of COVID-19 on themselves and I just want to say that I really do feel that.”

The actress counted her blessings and said, “I feel very blessed by the fact I am sitting at home right now in lockdown in quarantine but that I still have that privilege to be able to do that because there are so many people out there who really did not have the choice, who had to be out there either working at the office like they are back at their jobs and it is a risk for so many people and in spite of the fact that I do want to work very badly, I still have the privilege to actually be at home safe.”

She also added her energies have shifted towards mental peace and happiness during this trying times. The actress is not only trying to pump herself with joy but her fans too. Share your views on Jacqueline Fernandez through the comments section below.

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