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Italians jamming on the Bollywood song goes viral

The pandemic coronavirus outbreak is enormous, many countries are in lockdown. The people are quarantined in their own houses and are not able to go out. The lockdown in Italy is especially trending as we all know the Italians are very famous for their culture. Italian artistic culture is very harmonious and soulful. The people stuck in their houses have come together in their balconies and jammed altogether on music. These videos are trending on all social media platforms. One of the videos that came out and is trending in India is the video where these Italians are singing a Bollywood song. 

Italians jamming on the Bollywood song:

Italians jamming on the Bollywood song goes viral

This surprising video has bought smiles on the faces of people in these rough times. Even they are trying their best to keep themselves busy and connect with the world by staying at home. The world is taking a break from us. People from all over the county have come together to fight the virus, and they stand solitary. Now that Bollywood celebrities have also gone quarantined, we expect some goofy videos from them too. For now, have a look at the video of

Italians singing the song Dulhe Ka Sehra

Amidst Covid-19, a whole neighbourhood is singing the Bollywood song Dulhe Ka Sehra by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This spirit shows that nothing can stop us humans to communicate and spread happiness. The unity amongst the people has increased as they’re staying at home and have nothing else to do.  Different videos of the different song jamming session of Italian neighbourhoods are also trending on the internet.  

As of March 17, coronavirus has claimed 7174 lives worldwide with 2158 alone in Italy. The disease is to be taken very seriously, and we urge you to take proper preventive measures. As there is no cure yet, precaution might only save us. Stay tuned to BollywoodHush for more latest news and updates.