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Gossip & NewsIshq Vishk Fame Shenaz Treasury Is Suffering With Prosopagnosia

Ishq Vishk Fame Shenaz Treasury Is Suffering With Prosopagnosia

Worldwide, celebrities are suffering from uncommon ailments. We recently learned that Justin Bieber has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which has caused paralysis of the lower portion of his face. Hailey Beiber, his wife, also experienced a stroke-like symptom and was sent to the hospital. On the other hand, Travis Barker’s family is pleading for prayers since he is currently in the hospital. Shenaz Treasury, who played Shenaz in Ishq Vishk, has revealed that she is suffering from prosopagnosia.

What Is Prosopagnosia?

A medical disease called prosopagnosia causes a person to lose their ability to recognize faces. People are typically affected by it from birth and it lasts virtually their entire life. Hollywood icon Brad Pitt recently discussed his undiagnosed case of face blindness and how people don’t believe him when he tells them about it.

Shehnaz Treasury On Prosopagnosia

Ishq Vishk Fame Shenaz Treasury Is Suffering With Prosopagnosia

Returning to Shenaz Treasury, the actress shared a prosopagnosia 2 diagnosis with her followers on her Instagram stories. 

“I now get why I have never been able to match faces. It is a mental illness. Being unable to identify faces has always made me feel humiliated. I can identify voices. Signs and symptoms of facial blindness and prosopagnosia 1. You had failed to recognize a close friend or family member, especially when you weren’t expecting to see them. That is, in fact, me. It takes a while to recognize the person. Sometimes even a close buddy I haven’t seen in a while. “

You have trouble recognizing neighbors, acquaintances, coworkers, clients, and classmates. People who you know anticipate your recognition of them. If you don’t recognize someone, you might come across as distant. Many people with the condition say they’ve misplaced friends and offended coworkers because they can’t recognize them. Here I am. So you have a higher level of confusion with fictional people than with real people? True, I do. If two characters have the same height, build, and haircut, I can’t tell them apart. Now that you know that this is a true disorder and not just me being distant or snooty, please understand,” the Ishq Vishk actress continued.

The “true brain issue” was described by Treasury.

Shenaz Treasury gained notoriety professionally thanks to her part in the Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao-starring film Ishq Vishk. At the moment, she works as a travel blogger.

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