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Gossip & NewsIqbal Khan Talks about Moving to Television

Iqbal Khan Talks about Moving to Television

The actor who was struggling in films and trying to make a mark had to shift to Television due to some severe circumstances. Iqbal Khan speaks about what made him shift to T.V. while eagerly trying for silver screens. He mentions that its fun exploring the web as well. Iqbal has accepted the severe situations that life throws and makes us choose jobs we did not plan for. He seems contented with big shows on small screen.

Iqbal Khan opines on moving to Television:

As per reports, he shared, “I started my career with films but my first two projects (Fun2shh… Dudes in the 10th Century; 2003 and Bullet: Ek Dhamaka; 2005) didn’t work. I just didn’t know how to deal with the failure, it got me worried.”

Khan has also accepted the fact that it is difficult for the outsiders to make a mark in the industry. He also said, “It’s not that I regret doing TV; I completely enjoyed the journey, but the dream was to become a film actor. So, my decision of doing TV was out of compulsion. I had to pay my next month’s rent at that time and I was ready to do anything that was offered, and thankfully things worked.”

The main motive for him to shift towards Television was to survive in the city of Mumbai. He further speaks about the struggles that outsiders face in Bollywood. He said, “For us, the only way to get noticed is through our performance. Also, for the film to do well at the box office, you need to work with right actors, producers and directors. Getting that break is also a struggle for us”.

“Unfortunately, the filmy crowd doesn’t look at TV in a positive way. But, the change is slowly happening. Big filmmakers still don’t give TV that much importance. So, this time around, I want to take it slow. Meanwhile, web is satisfying my creative urge. I love the medium that’s redefining the way we look at content and talent,” he concludes.

The actor has adopted the practical and positive approach but still he carries a desire to work in films. However, this time the actor will be wary while going for films.

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Iqbal Khan has made a web debut by The Bull Of Dalal Street.

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