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Indian Celebs take a stand if it is important to openly talk about SEX

In India, discussing sex is still frowned upon, particularly among women and even some males. Indian Celebs express their opinions on whether or not this should change.

Indian Celebs:

Subuhi Joshii:

Even the word “sex” is taboo, so forget to talk about it. I believe that rather than being respected, those who discuss and verbally express their urge for sex are despised. I believe it is because we are indoctrinated from a young age that this is how we have developed and that needs to change. I’m not advocating going out of your way to talk when it’s not necessary, but it needs to change. Education about sexuality is crucial. It ought to be made required in schools.

Nirisha Basnett:

When compared to a few nations that have harsh laws on women and sex, India is still liberal. According to a recently passed criminal code, Indonesia has outlawed extramarital sex. Women are required to wear the hijab and fully covered clothing in nations like Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the majority of Muslim nations.

Throughout nations in Africa and the Middle East, 90 per cent of women experience female genital mutilation. Virgin girls who are detained in Iran are forced to wed and are sexually assaulted by other detainees before being executed. India is still a long way from that diseased planet. Hopefully, the preceding inhuman behaviour when it comes to sex and women in various countries is still nothing compared to discussing sex, which is prohibited in India.

But in India, the issue goes beyond simply talking about sex; it also involves prioritising and tackling the actual problems related to sex, such as rape, marital rape, rape punishment, sexual harassment, LGBTQ rights, and sex education in homes and schools. I don’t see why someone would feel the need to declare their urge to the public since having sex is such a private matter. Have a conversation about it with the person they want to have sex with or the younger people who need to know about sex education.

Aniruddh Dave:

India is a nation rich in culture and morality. Do not let western ideas, practices, rituals, or mentalities dominate your life in all respects. Lihaz mein achi lagti hain, kuch baatein parde mein.

Nikhil Nanda: It’s still frowned upon in India. But it must be accepted as usual. It won’t change suddenly, but it is changing gradually. And talking about it will be completely normal with generations to come.

Priya Paramitaa Paul:

I do concur that the term “sex” is still taboo in our culture today. In Tier II cities and towns, we are not even allowed to discuss it. Yes, to a certain extent, people in the metro have embraced it, but that represents just around 3% of India as a whole. I believe that both men and women should be taught about sex in public since crimes like rape occur because we don’t talk about it, don’t teach it to our kids, and set up limits like needing to be married and not looking for other men or women.

I absolutely concur that the word “sex” still carries a stigma in our time. Cities and villages in Tier 2 are not even allowed to discuss it. People have embraced it to some level in the metropolis, but that represents just about 3% of India as a whole. I believe that sex education should be provided to both men and women in public settings because crimes like rape occur as a result of our failure to discuss sex, our failure to provide our children with sex education, and our imposition of social boundaries such as the requirement that you get married before you can look for other men or women or even talk to other women.

Ambuj Dixit:

This understanding will develop gradually. By being honest about their wants, both men and women may help improve them. People talk about true love, but one must keep in mind that sex also has a significant role to play in true love. And both sexes ought to understand that. Sex also plays a crucial role in whether a relationship will succeed or lead to marriage. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in one’s personal life. Only by both genders being more honest and forthright about it can it be changed.

These statements clearly state that our Indian celebrities are socially woke and know what’s best for their followers. Celebrities have a strong influence on the audience. Therefore, it is very important for them to stand up for the right thing at the right time. This marks a huge step towards the much-needed awareness and knowledge that our country desperately needs.

India is still very orthodox and narrow-minded when it comes to talking about sex. Even though our history is deeply rooted and clearly talks freely about it. It is crucial to bring back the same knowledge and awareness in our society. We have often seen the Hollywood industry being more open about this topic. Slowly, the Bollywood industry is embracing and inching forward to sex positivity.

Many social awareness films are taking a charge of the audience. Ayushmann Khurrana is known to bring a new genre of educating people through entertainment. From his film Vicky Donor to his latest release Dream Girl. His films are a solid example of how Indians need these films. Moreover, the audience has also openly accepted films from this genre by gracing the shows with a houseful capacity. Celebs like Subuhi Joshii, Ambuj Dixit, Priya Paramitaa Paul, Aniruddh Dave, and Nirisha Basnett took it on their own to come forward and take their stand. Their initiative has impressed their fans and netizens on social media. The modern audience need woke celebrities and socially aware personalities in charge.

So, this was all about your favourite Indian celebs talking about the crucial topic of sex and its relevance in the entertainment industry. Watch this space Bollywood News Updates at Bollywood Hush for more updates on new films, TV serials, and insider controversies.

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