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Bollywood Gossip & NewsIndian celebs opine on the Big Fat Indian Weddings!

Indian celebs opine on the Big Fat Indian Weddings!

Between December and January, 3.2 million weddings take place in India. Isn’t that a large sum? Wedding expenses end up being high. Indian celebs weigh in on this enormous event and whether they are in favour of spending lakhs on weddings. As the wedding season takes a toll on Indian citizens, Bollywood Hush went to some of the most renowned personalities of the Indian entertainment industry to know their opinion. Celebs have a huge influence on the mass, and therefore, it is important for them to speak up about the underlying issues of our society.

As the year comes to an end, the season of weddings kicks in. Every next day we can see big fat weddings happening nearby. It is important to open the eyes of the people from the old and unnecessary traditions that take a toll on the parents and the couple who are getting married. Small weddings should be normalised and it should be okay for society to not frown open them. Read on to find out what celebrities have to say about the expensive weddings of the world that happens in India.

Indian celebs:

Pranav Sachdeva
Indian weddings, in my opinion, reflect who we are. We live in a tradition- and community-centred, sensitive, emotional, and expressive culture. It’s impressive how souls can come together. The concept of marriage has allegedly long been revered in India, and the festivities around it are lavish and replete with human feelings. No matter how big or little, I enjoy going to weddings.

Mitaali Nag
What?!? 3.2 million weddings is a startlingly high amount. Weddings are a method to display your wealth and social status in India. Even though I enjoy the ritualistic and traditional aspects of Indian weddings, I always think that the size of the wedding should be kept in balance. I gave my mum strict instructions not to spend money when I got married because I wanted a low-key ceremony.

She had her own goals and aspirations despite the fact that she was a single mom and I was her only kid. We had a big wedding in my hometown because I valued that. But I carried out a pre-audit of every single aspect of my wedding, from the guest list to the thank-you notes.

My husband and I made sure to keep the post-wedding reception in Mumbai within budget, so we hosted it on a cosy hotel rooftop with family and close friends. I believe marriage is a significant turning point in our life, which is why people want to make the occasion one to remember. Having said that, one should also be realistic with regard to the costs.


Marriage is a waste of money even though it is a lucrative endeavour for an event and PR companies. Because all the kharcha is performed because of “Log Kya Kahenge,” but the true marital problems are never resolved. Less money should be spent on weddings, and marriages should receive more attention.

This can be lessened the day people can distinguish between marriage and a wedding as two independent events. It’s tragic that some people take out loans to demonstrate to others how much money they have to spend, only to live out the remainder of their days paying back those loans. It’s just another display in the “Log Kya Kahenge” instance.

Pranitaa Pandit

I think it’s a waste of time, money, and effort, but on the other hand, it is a highly significant occasion in Indian culture and must have significance. However, the younger generation believes that it is preferable to travel and spend everything rather than have a fairytale wedding.

Yes, it’s a chance to reunite with all your relatives after a long time. However, I don’t believe this is for me because I believe it to be a waste of money. I observe that many marriages don’t even continue for a long time, and those joyful memories frequently turn into a burden. I was married quietly but sweetly and went on a protracted honeymoon.

Aadesh Chaudhary

My perspective on weddings is that they are a part of Indian tradition. And since many people live far from their family, this is a nice excuse to gather together. This, in my opinion, is the splendour of Indian culture. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but people work hard to get money to spend, so no matter what you do, always have fun doing it.

Wedding season has kicked in, and celebrities have dropped their opinions. These celebs have some strong opinions and aren’t afraid to raise their voice. These are some valid points kept by the celebs that we need to take into consideration. We have often seen people spending lakhs of their hard-earned money on a single day. Just to keep their relatives happy. Many families even go to the extent of taking loans for their wedding festivities in India to keep the guests happy and content. These decisions are only taken to not be called off in their society. It is believed that society frowns upon on people who do not throw a big fat wedding.

For the unversed, a typical Indian wedding has several pre-wedding festivities. The celebrations have Sangeet, Henna, Haldi, wedding ceremony, and ends with a massive reception. However, it is time to celebrate one’s wedding on their own terms and to realise that it is not necessary to throw a big fat wedding just to keep the relatives and the guests happy. These celebs have come forward to influence their followers about unnecessary extravaganzas and expensive Indian weddings.

So, this was all about the Indian celebs talking about the Big Fat Indian Weddings. Tell us, what are your thoughts on expensive Indian weddings through the comment section below. Watch this space Bollywood News Updates at Bollywood Hush for more updates on the celebrities of Bollywood, upcoming Bollywood movies, daily written serial updates and much more in one place. Also, tap here to find out what the celebs say about sex talk in India. 

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