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Bollywood Gossip & NewsIndian Celebrities reveal their Christmas plans!

Indian Celebrities reveal their Christmas plans!

Here is what famous people are doing this year for Christmas!
These celebs are participating in various Christmas activities this year, such as Secret Santa exchanges and holiday gatherings.

Indian Celebrities on Christmas:

Nivedita Basu
The best times of the year to travel, in my opinion, are around Christmas and New Year’s. I eagerly anticipate it because travelling helps us to relax. Travelling to new places helps you feel refreshed. As the New Year approaches, everyone begins to discuss their future intentions. New Year’s is a time for fresh starts and making wise intentions for our personal development.

Charrul Malik
I wish to spend Christmas with my father, brother Gaurav, and sister Parul. My US visa should arrive shortly, but it is taking too long. So that I may go quickly and visit my family, I wish Santa will bring me a visa. Another vacation that I had planned was cancelled because I had to go shoot. But I do not doubt that we will all enjoy ourselves at Christmas dinner. I’ll go shopping and enjoy myself; no diet, just a lot of positive energy.

Dr Akash Sharma
If I had the opportunity to play Santa, I would like to provide the street children who are destitute with wholesome food and clothing. I always spend Christmas with my closest pals, and I’ll do the same this year.

Ambuj Dixit
Nothing in the world can compare to the level of assistance and support I have received from my parents. Because of my parents’ encouragement and belief in me, I am successful in my job, and I want to do my best to make them happy with my work. My late mother and father have done so much for me, and the best gift I can give Secret Santa is to let them know how appreciative I am of everything they have done for me. The best Secret Santa gift I could ever give my parents is that. My Christmas plans would be made quite impulsively; nothing is set in stone just yet. I plan to spend the evening with my friend Romeo and a few other people, perhaps going out for a few beers and dinner.

Ekta Sharma
Every year, I would like to be my daughter’s secret Santa and try to grant her requests to instil in her the belief that dreams can come true if you have faith. If my father were still alive. I would also like to be a Secret Santa to my parents. And express my appreciation for them granting my Christmas wishes. I’m not star-struck, but I would like to send Hrithik Roshan a heart-shaped pillow or soft toy so that, if nothing else, I could

Aniruddh Dave
Even though I’m holding a party and my family is coming to join me later, I still think having a family would be a terrific idea. Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Goa have always been memorable occasions. The saying “baaki toh kya hai, tareekh hi badal rahi hai” refers to how the year ahead should be better than the one just past.
So, this was all about the top Indian celebrities and their plans for Christmas.

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