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TV ShowsIndependence Day Special: Telly actors talk about patriotism

Independence Day Special: Telly actors talk about patriotism

Gone are the days when kids used to be excited about flag hoisting at their school on the occasion of Independence Day. Today, this day is just looked at as a mere holiday. Forget watching PM unfurl the flag at Red Fort, people don’t even watch films based on India’s struggle for Independence or any other movie in that genre. As India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day this year, Telly actors talk about patriotism and what it means to them. Read on: 

Telly actors talk about patriotism

Independence Day Special: Telly actors talk about patriotism

Vijayendra Kumeria 

I believe to inculcate the idea of patriotism we need to first start from our homes by talking to kids and the youth about how important it is for everyone to love their country. The values of our country, culture, and traditions should be talked about. Schools and colleges should also have a healthy atmosphere which somewhere should inspire the students to think about the country’s development first and then one’s own development. 

Mohit Malhotra:  

Patriotism is a feeling that should come from within, and kudos to our Bollywood films which show it in the right way. Movies like ‘Rang De Basanti’ or ‘Chak De India!’, they don’t show the struggle to freedom but are patriotic at the same time. You get that feeling of wanting to do something for your country. I actually celebrate this day by watching such movies. I call friends over and have a get-together and we all watch it together. It’s great to celebrate our patriotism for the country. 

Sanjay Gandhi:  

Independence Day is a huge day for all Indians. We all get to connect with the nation. Some watch patriotic films at home. Some celebrate in their societies. The day starts with patriotic songs on the radio. It’s full of energy. People go out to meet friends. I do the same and celebrate, and I wish the best for my country ahead because nothing is important than our country. If our country is safe, then we are safe. 

Sharad Malhotra: 

I believe that patriotism begins at home. I used to watch movies on our freedom struggle as a kid, along with my parents. Even now I watch movies in that genre. So, it has become a habit now. My parents made me understand the meaning of patriotism and how important it is. I love my country and would urge all the parents to please make their kids understand what it is, small things like keeping their house clean, not littering, helping others in need, also count as patriotism. 

Kettan Singh:  

Patriotism means loving your society. You can start by keeping your surroundings clean. It is important to educate people that patriotism begins at home. Our patriotism isn’t just a measure of our hate for Pakistan or hate for people we don’t agree with. Rather, it’s a measure of how much we love and respect our country and its people, whether they agree with our thoughts or not. 

So, these were your favorite Telly actors talk about patriotism. Tell us what are your views on patriotism through the comments. Keep coming back to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates on the Television industry.