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TV ShowsImlie Spoiler: Aryan donates blood to Cheeni

Imlie Spoiler: Aryan donates blood to Cheeni

The Star Plus series “Imlie” is becoming increasingly captivating with each new installment. The focus of the current episode is Malini’s attempt to frame Imlie for creating ruined ladoos for the students at Cheeni’s school. Read Imlie Spoiler for latest episode update.

Imlie Spoiler

Imlie Spoiler: Aryan donates blood to Cheeni

The youngsters with food poisoning are treated by doctors in the following episodes. According to the doctor, Cheeni needs blood. Imlie begs for assistance. Aryan discovers that Cheeni’s blood type matches his own, enabling him to donate blood to her. Imlie recalls how Aryan once assisted Cheeni by donating his blood. Cheeni escapes the peril. Imlie is thrilled when the doctors tell her this, but Aryan accuses Imlie of being responsible for the entire situation and has her jailed.

Police dragged Imlie despite her repeated protests that she was innocent.

In the past, it is demonstrated how Malini deceived Aryan by accusing Imlie of being stupid and raising ruined ladoos. She reveals to him that Imlie had previously miscarried due to her ignorance about her child. When Aryan thinks back on the sad event, he becomes furious and decides to punish Imlie.

Cheeni awakens and engages in conversation with Aryan. She mentions giving him some of Imlie’s homemade ladoo. Aryan is shocked and requests that Malini accompany him along with the evidence that implicates Imlie in the crime. When they show the inspector the film, Aryan claims that Imlie is innocent because he had three ladoos produced by Imlie and was unharmed, whereas the children only ate one ladoo and got sick. Imlie prepares a ladoo for him as more evidence.

The police let Imlie go. She is informed by Aryan that he still needs the letter of apology. Imlie disputes that, providing him the same.

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