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TV ShowsImlie Spoiler Alert: Cheeni To End His Relationship With Atharva

Imlie Spoiler Alert: Cheeni To End His Relationship With Atharva

Imlie Spoiler Alert: The Star Plus series “Imlie” is becoming increasingly captivating with each new installment. The current plot of the show is around Imlie finding out that Atharva is having an extramarital relationship. Imlie decides to leave Rana’s home to maintain her dignity and self-respect. Cheeni has begun to grow disinterested in Atharva as a result of receiving a proposal from Abhishek, a wealthier man.

Imlie Spoiler Alert

According to our sources, Atharva and Cheeni’s relationship will soon end, and Imlie will also leave him. As a result of Cheeni leaving him while he injured Imlie, Atharva will be experiencing emotional anguish.

We now have yet another unique show update. According to information only available to India Forums, Rudra’s health may soon deteriorate. Imlie returning to Rana home will make Rudra very happy. For Rudra’s sake, Atharva will have to ask Imlie to come back to the house. Imlie, who views Rudra as a father figure, will go into convulsions upon learning of his condition.

For Rudra’s sake, Imlie will decide to go home again. Imlie will put her self-respect and morals to the side and live with Atharva in the same house. Throughout, Atharva will feel guilty, and Imlie will appear uncomfortable in his presence.

Four Lions Pvt Ltd, a company owned by Gul Khan, produces “Imlie.” Stars like Karan Vohra, Megha Chakroborty, and Seerat Kapoor are among the actors who appear in the show.

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