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Gossip & NewsHarsh words by Dabangg Salman Khan on Covididots

Harsh words by Dabangg Salman Khan on Covididots

The Dabang Bollywood actor helping in the tough times is not new news. Even during the time of quarantine, the actor has all the spotlight. His good deeds and charity work were already trending on social media, but now the actor is trending for something else. Salman Khan on Covididots made a video and didn’t lag in being brutal. He has expressed all his feelings in this 9.36 minutes long video. His alarming tone and startling words have made us all take the virus seriously.  

Dabangg Salman Khan on Covididots:

Many countries have gone into lockdown to protect citizens from getting infected. Government officials, front-liners, and experts are doing everything possible to keep their people safe. India is also in lockdown for the past couple of weeks. The prime minister Narendra Modi recently announced the extension of the lockdown till 3rd May 2020. Bollywood celebrities are also playing a crucial role in the battle against Coronavirus. Although, there are people that are not obeying the rules and wandering as if nothing’s wrong. These people are termed as Covididiots on the internet.  

The whole world is on pause as the coronavirus has put a stop on human beings. People around the globe are at risk of getting infected by a lethal virus called Covid-19. The virus that started from China has spread its wing around the earth in no time. The outbreak of this virus is not easy to contain as the incubation period is very long. The virus is so deadly that sometimes there are no symptoms until a human being is severely ill. The cure for the disease is still not discovered, and until there is no cure, the human race is in danger.  

Salman Khan on Covididiots video is on-trend, and everyone is now extra-cautious. Share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. Stay tuned to BollywoodHush for the latest updates on your favorite celebrity.