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Gossip & NewsGOSSIP & NEWS UPDATE: Uorfi Javed Feels Suicidal After Chitra Wagh Allegation

GOSSIP & NEWS UPDATE: Uorfi Javed Feels Suicidal After Chitra Wagh Allegation

GOSSIP & NEWS UPDATE: The entertainment industry is rife with drama, conflicts, and love. And from the Telly town, we offer you a recently cooked scandal. Uorfi Javed is renowned for her unique sense of style. The actress and model are well-known for their outspoken and provocative views. She doesn’t hesitate to respond angrily to anyone who makes an effort to minimize her and cast doubt on her decisions.

GOSSIP & NEWS UPDATE: Uorfi Javed Feels Suicidal

In a recent dispute, however, Maharashtra BJP leader Chitra Wagh personally met with the chief of the Mumbai police on January 1, 2023, and requested that Uorfi Javed be punished. She berated the TV star for walking the streets of Mumbai in skimpy attire. Uorfi Javed was also ordered to stop publicly exhibiting women’s bodies, according to Chitra Wagh.

Uorfi then turned to social media to express her views on the matter. In the tales, Uorfi called attention to Wagh’s history and said that although criticizing politicians on social media is risky, doing so is making her feel suicidal.

She claimed to be the same person who yelled for Sanjay Rathad’s arrest while she was a member of the NCP. After her husband was discovered to have accepted a bribe, she changed her allegiance to the BJP to protect him. BJP join karne ki wali hu, mai bhi bas. We shall then be the closest of friends.

She stated in another story: “I know it’s quite risky to upload anything critical of politicians, but these people are driving me to suicidal thoughts nonetheless, so I either kill myself or speak my mind and get killed by them. But once more, hello. I didn’t start this, and I’ve never been bad to anyone. They are randomly approaching me.

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