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Gossip & NewsGossip And News: Here's How Uorfi Javed Celebrated Her Christmas

Gossip And News: Here’s How Uorfi Javed Celebrated Her Christmas

Gossip And News: Uorfi Javed has frequently been the topic of conversation because of her avant-garde costumes crafted from the oddest materials, such as bicycle chains, red tape, timepieces, and pebbles. People were anticipating Urfi’s most recent fashion statement as Christmas got closer, and she did not let us down.

Uorfi was contacted by our sources regarding her Christmas-related activity. Here’s what Uorfi has to say about her Christmas celebration:

What are your Christmas celebration methods? What do you typically do on that day?

“I’m organizing a little house party for all of my friends and family members for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I typically eat with my loved ones, but this year I thought it would be good to celebrate Christmas with some fun.”

Did you always accept Santa and the gifts as a child? If so, what was your favorite present?

“We used to receive red Santa hats in my elementary school, which I adored, and I used to act like Santa Claus and ask everyone for presents. I miss those times.”

What are some of the sweets you enjoy at Christmas?

“I enjoy eating a lot of chocolates and pastries, so this time I got every variety and want to try them all.”

What is the one wish you would most like to have come true for Christmas?

“Give my adversary some tranquility and harmony, and my family, including my parents and loved ones, health and wealth.”

So, this is how Uorfi celebrates her Christmas. 

How did you celebrate Christmas this year? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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