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Fearless Kangana Ranaut Believes in Being Glorified By Her Work

Actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her stands and opinions. She is a fearless woman who never minces her words. For the same, she gets appreciation but also get trolled and receives backlashes. Only a few days ago she made an official presence on social media. Earlier her updates were only shared from her team’s account. Now the actress has crossed 1 million followers mark on Twitter. In a recent interview with ETimes, the actress shared how she deals with social media stress and also said Twitter is not India-friendly. Kangana fearlessly claimed that Twitter supports people who follow communism and not nationalism. In addition, she shared that she would want to take over Jack Dorsey’s account to restructure the rules of Twitter.

Kangana Ranaut Says Twitter doesn’t Support People who are Nationalists:

Fearless Kangana Ranaut Believes in Being Glorified By Her Work

On being asked what made her join Twitter, she said, “My team handled it only specifically for my work and talked strictly about my films and what made me join Twitter is the fact that right now for the first time I saw a transformation in social media. It became more purpose-oriented rather than just trying to propagate yourself or your brand. It’s enormous time investment even if you nature a relationship with millions of people. You built a certain voice in such a loud place. Most actors use it to just glorify themselves and I never felt the need to do that as I feel that my work should glorify me.”

Kangana was receiving a sudden drop of followers. This made her question Twitter guidelines. She said for the same, “Twitter is not very supportive of people who support nationalism. It’s very encouraging to people who promote communism and the ones who are more left-leaning. A lot of people suffer from this kind of prejudice from Twitter and have complained about it. I hope that we have our own platform where world politics won’t affect or influence.”

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