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Bollywood Gossip & NewsExclusive Interview! Actress Priya Malik opens up on trolls

Exclusive Interview! Actress Priya Malik opens up on trolls

Many trolls on Twitter did not like Priya’s slam poem “I Am Not a Cool Girlfriend.” Her straightforwardness and honesty were also highly praised at the same time. The author, teacher, poet, host, and actor shed light on the incident. Read on for the full exclusive interview with the actress Priya Malik.

She adds, “It’s a clear illustration of what happens on the internet when people don’t have complete knowledge and start becoming upset over what they see in a very brief excerpt of the true reality,” the author said. Their response is on a 30-second clip that doesn’t capture the full meaning of the poem. Even though the poem is almost three minutes long. But this is what was discussed and heated. Selective information can be harmful, according to her.”

The poem, according to Priya, is pro-women and discusses how women are frequently accused of being clinging, possessive, or “crazy.” Women are perceived as being caring, needing their basic needs to be addressed, and being a little too direct in a relationship, which leads to this.

Priya Malik:

In I Am Not A Cool Girlfriend, it is discussed how multiple types of love can exist between two individuals. In reality, the girl is telling her boyfriend in one of the poem’s key lines, “I will love you as I love you. But I will always be open to receiving your manner of devotion.” She will be unapologetic about who she is. And how she feels while remaining open to the way he loves her. Priya stated in one of her earlier poems titled “Jaise tum Pyaar Karte ho,” “Zaruri nahi jise tum Pyaar Karte ho, tumhara Premi thik vaise hee Pyaar jataye.” That it is not necessary for your partner to love you in the same manner as you do.

“This has always been my guiding principle, and it’s the least harmful perspective I have on any connection. The poem was created using that perspective. However, the internet is notorious for passing judgement and expressing remarks without having all the facts. All of my poetry is a reflection of who I am and what I think. As a feminist in a fulfilling relationship, I would never advocate for anything harmful. There are many instances of my poems on YouTube that one can readily grasp by watching.” She continues.

‘Main 2019 Mein 1999 Dhoondh Rahi Hoon’ is another of Priya’s best-known poems. In this one, she discusses being upfront and honest about loving the way we did in the past.
We are now quite hesitant to express our affection for one another because we believe it to be either premature or excessive thanks to current technologies. But in my opinion, love and relationships ought to be straightforward, just like they always were. When did being attentive to and showing care for your partner become uncool? In all of my relationships, I am who I am without apology. I would not apologise for loving someone too much because that is how I love, but I would also try to understand and accept the ways that people express themselves differently.” She continues.

Priya advises everyone to watch the complete poem rather than just the first 30 seconds. Poetry is never literal, after all.

“There are three parts to a poem. You haven’t gotten the idea, then, until all of it has been examined via an objective lens rather than a subjective lens. Women and men approached me after one of my performances to share how this poem has altered their lives and helped them accept who they are. That, in my opinion, is the highest praise I can receive for my work. Despite receiving more than 600 nice comments on YouTube, if this poetry gets even one person feeling that way.” She claims.

One user revealed how her girl is identical to the one mentioned in Priya’s poem. And another user (Abhinav Kumar Chaudhary) remarked, “She does not realise that she is the coolest girlfriend one could have.” Among the many supportive responses. Many more people still lavished affection. Ananya Sonowal, another user, added a comment. It appears that my favourite Priya Ma’am has portrayed me in the entirety of this masterpiece. I am sending this asap to my love.

“In contrast to the norms of modern society that encourage us to play roles and not be the first ones to text or make the first move. This poem is about being open and honest about your feelings. I don’t believe that; instead, I believe in traditional relationships and reciprocal love. And I believe that loving someone, caring for them, and calling them to inquire about their day or what they had for dinner is cool. That’s just the expression of love I employ, and if openness is considered poisonous, then our world is in deep trouble,” she adds.

“This poem is about vulnerability, being open about your emotions. And going against the rules of the modern world that encourage us to play by the roles and not be the first ones to text or initiate contact. I don’t believe that; instead, I think that true love comes from both sides of traditional relationships. And I think it is cool to be in love, to care about someone, and to give them a call and inquire about their day or what they had for dinner. If the vulnerability is considered poisonous, then we live in terrible times. That’s just the love language I use.” 

Priya has been gaining a lot of attention on social media. The actress never fails to amuse the audience with her phenomenal performances. On the work front, Priya has several projects in her kitty. Fans of the actress cannot wait to see more of her on their screens.

So, this was about the actress Priya Malik. Tell us, what are your thoughts on the actor Priya through the comment section below. Watch this space Bollywood Life News at Bollywood Hush for more updates on your favourite celebrities, actors, TV serials, and Bollywood films.

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