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Bigg BossEXCLUSIVE! Ankit Gupta talks about his shocking eviction from Bigg Boss

EXCLUSIVE! Ankit Gupta talks about his shocking eviction from Bigg Boss

Recently, Ankit Gupta was kicked out of the “Bigg Boss” house. He said that he was a misfit for the programme but that his main lesson was to never undervalue others.

“The event has changed my life. When I was called, I expressed my scepticism and informed them I was the incorrect person since I never dispute or fight, and I never talk ill of or engage in physical conflict with anyone. However, I said, “Let’s try something different.” I saw a lot and learned a lot from the trip. Salman Sir used to explain things to us in such an unusual way. He stated, “It was a great experience.”

Also, I learned a lot from the show. The most important lesson was to never underestimate people since they naturally alter for their own support and benefit every week. I’m going to keep that in mind forever, he continued.

Everyone was shocked when he was kicked out of the “Bigg Boss” house, but the young actor admitted that he had anticipated it. “After the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Sir had left, and we believed the programme was finished, we were at ease, and we believed there wouldn’t be an eviction,” he admitted. Bigg Boss abruptly brought us into the living room and announced that because the voting lines were closed, the eviction will be handled by the housemates.

Ankit Gupta:

“I was aware that everyone had formed groups and that I would be kicked out. Although Priyanka (Chahar Choudhary) was visibly upset. I was unaffected because I anticipated it. Since I was the only friend she had in the house, I felt awful for her. Just hoping she’s ok,” he continued.

His eviction shocked many of his supporters, who criticised it as harsh. On Twitter, “No Ankit No Bigg Boss” was trending as fans expressed their displeasure. “Honestly, I didn’t believe that I would get that much love from the crowd when I was inside the house,” he remarked, expressing his gratitude for all the love and support. I’m exactly the same as I was at home. I assumed people would tell me that you didn’t do anything in the house since they usually think it is a boring personality if you are not bickering or fighting. However, it was incredible to see the love and support once I came out.”

“I was trending on Twitter with 2.5 million tweets the day I learned I was being evicted. I have become the top trending topic worldwide. I’m at a loss for words when it comes to the affection I’ve been receiving. I’m appreciative,” he continued.

Ankit acknowledged that the reality programme deserves some of the credit, even though he aspires to perform positive work in the future. “Bigg Boss has given me new opportunities. That I was the top trending topic on Twitter globally is evidence of that. Even trying to describe how I feel is beyond me. Having no words, It has undoubtedly expanded the possibilities for success. My current goal is to work hard, and I’m hoping that something significant will occur,” he stated.

What did you do right away after leaving the Bigg Boss house, then? He said, “I slept without thinking about waking up early in the morning.”

So, this was all about the actor Ankit Gupta. Watch this space Bollywood News Updates for daily Bigg Boss news.

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