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Bollywood TV ShowsBigg BossDrama Queen Rakhi Sawant’s New Boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani To Enter Bigg...

Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant’s New Boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani To Enter Bigg Boss 16?

Since Rakhi Sawant introduced her new beau, Adil Khan Durrani, to her admirers, they have been clamoring to learn more about him. Previously, the actress was seen thanking him for the BMW he had given her. Finally, Rakhi discussed her new love and revealed how they met and when they began dating. Adil proposed to the controversial actress within a month of their meeting, said Rakhi. Read on to know about Rakhi Sawant’s New Boyfriend.

Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant’s New Boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani To Enter Bigg Boss 16?

Adil gave Rakhi examples of celebrity couples like Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas and Arjun Kapoor-Malaika Arora when she was unsure about their connection.

Rakhi Sawant’s new boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani, has been said to be auditioning for Bigg Boss 16 for quite some time. The actress has finally acknowledged and responded to the rumors. Rakhi added in her most recent interview that such situations aren’t planned and that Bigg Boss may call them together.

“Are such things planned?” Rakhi asked ETimes. This is complete nonsense. Is it up to me to choose who the producers of ‘Bigg Boss’ want on the show? They may summon us together in the future season. They may only call me and not him. ‘Bigg Boss’ is my favorite show. But to believe that we are in love just because we want to watch a reality show is absurd. God, we are in a strong relationship. Nobody can keep us apart,” she informs the portal after a brief pause. 

Rakhi Sawant also revealed how she and Adil met in the same interview. “I believe he was sent to me by God. I had fallen into deep despair following my separation from Ritesh. Kuch acha lag raha tha. Within a month of our first meeting, Adil entered my life and proposed to me. I am six years his senior, and I was not prepared, but he explained it to me, citing Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas as examples. He declares his undying love for me. I’m head over heels in love with him,” she told ETimes.

When asked if Adil’s family has welcomed her, she stated, “I am a very glamorous person in the movies and TV industry. Adil’s family is against this relationship. Bawaal ho Gaya hai uske Ghar mein. His family does not approve of how I dress. But, if necessary, I am willing to alter it. But no one from his side is pressuring me to change. He is being tormented from every angle. I’m terrified; mushkil se Pyar mila. I’m hoping his khandaan will welcome me.”

Returning to Bigg Boss, Rakhi Sawant’s appearance in the 16th season, this time with new beau Adil Khan Durrani, will be fascinating. We’ve already lost our cool. LOL!

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