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Divya Dutta Shares Insightful Thoughts on the Nepotism Debate

Divya Dutta, an ace actor, has been in the industry for two decades now. The actor has uplifted herself, professionally as well as personally. The quality work that she has presented in the industry is marvellous and commendable. She has achieved so much during her lifespan and all on her own. Now, she has voiced her opinions on the on-going nepotism debate in Bollywood. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, the industry is burning with heated debates, accusations and arguments on the outsider versus insider debate. In an interview with ETimes, Divya said that it’s all about the hardwork and passion. However, she accepted the existence of groupism in the industry but mitigated it by saying it happens everywhere.

Divya Dutta Opines on the Nepotism Debate:

Divya Dutta Shares Insightful Thoughts on the Nepotism Debate

When asked if it was difficult to bag good films, Divya said that in the beginning her sole aim was to do films. She said that as a newcomer, it was not about good films or bad films. She targetted on being seen. Slipping in a life mantra, she said, “It is a journey and it is not like you plan something and it happens. The best things in my life have happened when I haven’t planned them.”

Talking about if she ever got bothered by the insider-outsider thing, she said that there is no such thing. She further added, “Once you prove your worth, you have a good journey. Your debut is much more hyped when you are from the industry. As an outsider, you take a little longer to get success. But I think it is fun that you fall, you get up and make your own path.”

One advice given by Divya to the aspiring actors is ‘be passionate’. She added, “Bollywood is an amazing place to be and you just have to be passionate about what you are doing. If something doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean it is the end of life. You should have a great support system around you. You really have to work hard here. It is a continuous process of getting success and then maintaining it as well. It is a tough job but when you get there then there is nothing like it.”

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