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TV ShowsDipika Kakkar's second Ramadan with Shoain Ibrahim

Dipika Kakkar’s second Ramadan with Shoain Ibrahim

The Bigg Boss 12 winner, Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim, is now into a real Bigg Boss house. The lockdown is making everyone feel they are in a Bigg Boss house. Dipika Kakkar’s second Ramadan will be like celebrating it in a Bigg Boss house but with her husband and family. The famous television actress had got married to her co-star Shoaib Ibrahim on 22nd February 2018. It will be the second time that they will be fasting together.  

The actress has implemented Islam on her completely. She celebrates all the festivals of Islam with her husband. Both celebrities are so down-to-earth that they even got married at the actor’s hometown. Their wedding was very secular and grounded. Shoaib Ibrahim’s family has also accepted their daughter-in-law, who hails from a different religion. Moreover, the actress has completely understood and believed the Islamic ways publically. 

Dipika Kakkar’s second Ramadan in pictures:

On the occasion of her celebrating the second Ramadan with her in-laws, the actress went on Instagram. Dipika has shared some very fascinating insights into their festivities through pictures. She has shared pictures of the Sehri time of the fasting process of Muslims. Sehri is when Muslims get up before sunrise to begin the fast which they will later open during sunset. Between this, they cannot even drink a drop of water, let alone the food. Fasting in Islam is not only about cleansing the body, but also the purifying of the soul.  

Dipika’s pictures are candid, natural, and special. She is wearing a hijab as per respect to the religion. Shoaib Ibrahim is also seen covering his head with a turban. These exclusive pictures have made their fans go crazy. The pictures of Dipika Kakkar’s second Ramadan with her hubby Shoaib Ibrahim went trending in no-time. She captioned these pics as, ‘First Sehri,’ ‘Ramadan Vibes.’ These pictures clearly state that she is enjoying her time celebrating Ramadan with her family.  

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