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Gossip & NewsDetailed insights on the meeting of Sonu Sood and Uddhav Thackrey

Detailed insights on the meeting of Sonu Sood and Uddhav Thackrey

Everyone is talking about the meeting of Sonu Sood and Uddhav Thackrey. This sudden meeting happened due to a misunderstanding and some accusations. However, everything was cleared and sorted after this conference. Now, the tweets regarding the same are trending all over the internet.  

Detailed insights on the meeting of Sonu Sood and Uddhav Thackrey

The Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been going out of his way to help the migrants. All the citizens of India and around are praising the actor for his good deeds. Sonu Sood started with arranging busses for the migrants to now sending them through trains and flights. The actor never held back in listening to the stranded citizen’s problems and trying his best to help them. Due to the excess requests, and help pleas, he has also arranged a toll-free number to contact him.  

Meeting of Sonu Sood and Uddhav Thackrey:

Due to this kind act, people have been raising questions on the superstars and the government of India. If Sonu Sood can do this much, then how much more help could the government could offer. This has led the government of Maharashtra to speak up on this matter. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut slashed at Sonu Sood, saying he is enacting on a script written by the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). All his help to the migrants was done because the opposition party has told him to do. 

This caused the meeting of Sonu Sood and Uddhav Thackrey, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Not long after the Tweet, Sonu Sood, along with MLA Aslam Shaikh met with Uddhav Thackrey and Aditya Thackrey. Through Aditya’s Tweet, he said “Better Together, Stronger Together to assist as many people through as many people. Good to have met a good soul to work for the people together.” Furthermore, he even tweeted saying misunderstanding doesn’t exist but the commitment to help people does.  

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