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TV ShowsContent on Indian television is not regressive says actor Kettan Singh

Content on Indian television is not regressive says actor Kettan Singh

The TV industry is often criticized for the regressive content they put on the air. Though it’s debatable, as such shows gather huge TRPs, actor Kettan Singh believes that the industry picks up a regressive topic and shows the progression in that. Kettan further gives insights on how Indian television is not regressive. 

Citing the example of Rajan Shahi’s new show “Anupamaa“, he said, “Content on Indian television is not regressive, they pick up a regressive topic and they make something which gives a message, that we should not be regressive but we should be progressive. Like the new serial ‘Anupamaa‘, it shows how a family is regressive but the homemaker is unlike them. This show can’t be called regressive, it is like trying to be progressive, and the same is with ‘Barrister Babu’.” “In certain serials, the drama is on another level and a single topic is extended for three weeks, so that kind of content I don’t enjoy. There is nothing wrong in that, people enjoy that kind of content too, but I don’t,” he added.  

The “Shankar Jaikishan 3 in 1” actor also spoke about how actors should be ready to experiment with various roles, and said, “It’s very important, as an actor, to be experimental, otherwise there is no use of it. Being an actor is an experiment in itself because you are supposed to play a different character.” Kettan also spoke about the difficulties TV actors face when they try to make it to Bollywood and said that it’s the same for a newcomer as well as a star kid.  

Indian television is not regressive says, Kettan Singh:

Content on Indian television is not regressive says actor Kettan Singh

“It’s not easy for TV actors to make into Bollywood. Even if one is entering as a newcomer, it’s not easy; and even if it’s a star kid, it’s not easy for them either. You need to prove your worth day in and day out. And you will be recognized only if you do quality work. So yes, it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible, it’s only hard work that pays nothing else,” he said. 

He further admits that the struggle is not just limited to Bollywood. And said, “The struggle is always there whether you are in the Hindi film industry, or the Hindi TV industry or the radio industry, the struggle will always be there, and it should be there to come up with good content, entertaining and engaging content, without the struggle it will feel like you did nothing. The struggle should continue even if you have reached the peak; there is always a struggle to do better than what you did last.” 

When asked about his dream role, he said, “‘Shankar Jaikishan 3 in 1’ was three different characters, that was very interesting, even the Marathi film I did ‘Vicky Velingkar.‘; my character was fascinating, but I am still looking for a dream role. I think even if I do get my dream role, I will still wait for a dream role.” 

So, this was Kettan Singh talking about Indian television is not regressive. Tell us what are your thoughts on the story above through the comment section. Keep coming back to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates on your favorite television actor.