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Gossip & NewsChitrangada Singh Opines On Sushant's Case

Chitrangada Singh Opines On Sushant’s Case

Actor Chitrangada Singh is currently healing after a knee surgery and is in Delhi from past six months. In an interview with Bombay Times, she has opened up about about her health and the fuss created by media on Sushant’s case. She also talked about how disturbed she is because of the news around just like the most of us.

Chitrangada Singh Opines On Sushant’s Case:

Chitrangada also talked about ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and said that families are being affected due to harsh judgements. She also quoted a famous saying, “It’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted.” She added, “Suppose, hypothetically speaking, what if this person is found innocent at the end of it? So much damage has already been done to them and their peace of mind socially and it’s not fair. One should sit back and think about it as much as we are looking for justice.”

The actor said that a little more decency should be observed in this scenario. Talking about her knee surgery, she said, “I underwent surgery on my left leg for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). About a year and a half ago, I was rehearsing something and my knee buckled. I carried on without paying attention and it buckled again.” She also mentioned how she made a misstep in Thailand, when she went their for New Year’s celebration. While jogging on a beach, she stepped on the bottle of sand and broke her cartilage. She further added, “Most sportsmen undergo this. There’s no pain during the surgery but the leg can’t take any weight for the next two weeks. So you can’t move around.”

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