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Gossip & NewsChemotherapy, only way of treatment for Sanjay Dutt

Chemotherapy, only way of treatment for Sanjay Dutt

Recently, Sanjay Dutt has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The actor shared from his social media handle that he will be taking a short break from work. He also requested the fans and well-wishers to not speculate anything. The cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Sanjay’s actor-friend, Manisha Koirala, took to social media to extend their prayers for Dutt. The two people are cancer survivors. Interviews of various sources by news portals have brought to us that Chemotherapy for the treatment of Sanjay Dutt is the only way.

Read the revelations made by sources:

The sources said, “Sanjay was accompanied by his sister Priya Dutt and a friend. Upon reaching the hospital, it was detected that air entry was not happening from his right lung. A CT scan further revealed that there was fluid accumulation in his right lung (pleural effusion) accompanied by two lesions, one on each lung.”

The source also added, “Sanjay was told that it could be a bacterial infection, tuberculosis, an adverse effect of strenuous exercise wherein he might have hurt himself, or cancer. The fluid was removed, the volume was as high as 1.5 litres. A 2-day hospitalisation followed. Sanju kept asking a lot of questions especially when he was told that the extracted fluid was about to be sent for detailed diagnosis.”

Chemotherapy- the only way of treatment for Sanjay Dutt

“Thereafter, Sanjay was sent to an oncologist who gave him a detailed explanation of the Plan Of Action. He was given the option to go wherever he wants just in case he wants to get it treated abroad. Chemotherapy is the only line of treatment, no surgery can be done at this juncture in this case. It’s Stage 4 and depending on the medicines, the treatment (chemotherapy) will be broken down into a certain number of cycles,” the source concluded.

The times are definitely tough for Dutt family. Sanjay’s wife and kids, as per reports, are in Dubai due to the lockdown. Many celebs also tried to reach out to Dutt to boost his confidence but he did not pick up anyone’s calls due to the trauma of the ill health.

The actor’s wife also shared, “I thank everyone who has expressed their well wishes for Sanju’s speedy recovery. We need all the strength and prayers to overcome this phase. There is a lot that the family has gone through in the past years but I am confident, this too shall pass. However, it is my heartfelt request to Sanju’s fans to not fall prey to speculations and unwarranted rumours, but to just help us with their ongoing love, warmth and support. Sanju has always been a fighter, and so has our family. God has yet again chosen to test us to overcome the challenges ahead. All we seek is your prayers and blessings, and we know we will emerge as winners on the other side, as we always have. Let us use this opportunity to spread light and positivity.”

Share with us your prayers for successful chemotherapy sessions of Sanjay.

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