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Bollywood TV ShowsOTTChaitannya Choudhry opens up about his next Hush Hush series

Chaitannya Choudhry opens up about his next Hush Hush series

The audience is eagerly waiting for the upcoming web show Hush Hush. Bollywood Hush has been keeping the viewers updated about the most awaited show. The Hush Hush series has an exceptional all-women cast. However, actor Chaitannya Choudhry also holds a prominent role in the OTT series.  

Talking about his role in the Hush Hush web show, Chaitannya Choudhry says, “Entertainment industry has progressed a lot. There is true value for talent now. We have witnessed that talented actors have become stars. On the other hand, established actors have also realised that they need to focus on their skills and good content.”  

Hush Hush series:

The actor adds, “Like any industry, opportunities and competition exist in ours too. It just gets highlighted a lot in ours. And like in any profession we as actors have to grab the right opportunities to strengthen our career. Needless to say,  it has to be backed by our talent.” 

Chaitannya also shares how one should deal with the frustration of waiting for the right role. He adds, “Firstly we should never give up. Instead of feeling frustrated, we need to continue to work hard on our craft and keep on trying to get more opportunities. And if there is nothing to fall back on, it’s alright to have a backup plan. As I said, it’s important to be practical.” 

So, this was all about the Hush Hush series. Tell us, what your thoughts are on the story above. You can drop your views with us through the comment section. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more Bollywood Entertainment News.