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Actors comment on IPL | Is cricket losing its charm in India? Priyamvada Kant to Somy Ali celebs weigh in on the debates

The Indian Premier League kicks off tomorrow. Eight premier teams are all geared up to take the trophy home. Knowing how much the country loves cricket, many think that the buzz isn’t what it usually is. We ask celebrities whether they feel the same and if cricket, which is considered a religion in India, still holds its place in our hearts. Actors comment on IPL. They also talk about their love for the sport and share favorite memories. Read on: 

Actors comment on IPL:

Actors comment on IPL | Is cricket losing its charm in India? Priyamvada Kant to Somy Ali celebs weigh in on the debates

Priyamvada Kant 

My first memory of cricket was watching the World Cup during my board exams. I don’t remember the game much since I was quite young. I just watched the game for the players. Watching IPL live with friends is fun, but this time I guess we won’t be able to do that like last year. 

Nyra Banerjee 

Cricket will always have a special place in our hearts. But I’m not a cricket fan and have only watched cricket matches with my dad and friends. We enjoy watching the game over beer, chips, and chicken fries. So, community watching is what I like but since I am not a cricket buff, I don’t miss watching it. 

Prateik Chaudhary 

I have been into sports and other extra-curricular activities since I was in school. And cricket has been one of my favorite sports since then. I never used to miss watching cricket tournaments, whether they are different series’ that India plays or the world cup in both 50 and 20 over formats. But to be very honest. It’s been a long time that I am not being able to follow cricket or IPL given my work schedule. But I don’t know about others. However, I plan to catch up on it soon as it is always going to be there in my heart. 

Avinash Mukherjee 

Yes, cricket is our blood. We Indians just adore the sport. It has always been closest to our hearts and acts as a medium that brings the entire nation together. So, watching matches and special tournaments is like a festival in India.  

And if India wins that’s like Diwali for the entire India. So, I think cricket fever will never go down. And it is here to stay. Moreover, we are excelling have got some fantastic players. The Indian cricket team at the moment is strong and holds a good position in the world ranking. I wish all the best to all the players and teams playing the IPL this year. Moreover, I am supporting Mumbai Indians. I hope they win this year. 

Prashant Bajaj 

I am a cricket fanatic. Also, I even do events for cricket. I play with my friends almost every week. Yes, I never used to miss any cricket matches especially IPL. And my favorite team is Mumbai Indians. I never miss when they are playing. We are a cricket-loving country. And I don’t think the sport has lost interest. IPL is like a festival to me, and I am sure many people are waiting desperately for IPL. 

Somy Ali 

I was obsessed with cricket as a kid growing up in Pakistan and recall all the women in our family drooling over Imran Khan and Kapil Dev. The toughest matches to watch were against India and Pakistan since I had family in both countries.  

So, as a kid, I always prayed they both won without understanding that it was not an option. Cricket remains to be my favorite sport. And during my time in India when I was a teenager, I remember being asked by a friend. “So, who do wish will win now that you are in India. But were born in Pakistan?” I still answered, “I want both to win.” 

Munisha Khatwani 

I’m very fond of cricket. I remember shooting Teen Deviyan back in 2011 when India won the World Cup in Delhi. The entire unit was on a standstill and watching the game on the big screen. I love cricket and IPL, and I think it’s going to be the best entertainment especially, during this pandemic that has restricted our movement. Cricket will always continue to be a religion in India.  

There are two things that Indians are still mad about, Bollywood and Cricket. And now I would count OTT platforms in that category. Because it has taken over in a big way especially, last year. I have wonderful memories of watching IPL matches live in Mumbai. Watching the game on the field with friends over good food was an amazing experience that I miss. 

Florian Hurel 

Cricket isn’t the sport we follow back in France. However, having some of my clients married to big cricketers I started understanding and taking interest in the sport. I had gone to watch India vs Pakistan a few years back. And that was too much fun. Maybe the buzz isn’t there given the pandemic situation in India.  

We are facing another lockdown in Mumbai. And people aren’t able to go to the stadium. The last cricket tournament happened in Dubai that very few could attend. Indians love cricket, they would never give up on it. You just need to see the number of people playing cricket on different grounds in Mumbai all night long, and you know what I mean. 

So, this was all about Actors comment on IPL. Get the latest IPL updates on Madovercricket & Cricketflicker. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more updates on entertainment news. 

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