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TV ShowsCelebs on the CBI probe on Sushant Singh Rajput case applauds the...

Celebs on the CBI probe on Sushant Singh Rajput case applauds the decision

Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging at his Bandra home on June 14. Soon after his demise a lot was said and written about the reason that led him to take his own life. From nepotism to depression and very recently his alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty being responsible for it, a lot was said and written about his death. Celebs on the CBI probe on the Sushant Singh Rajput case applauds the decision. 

With CBI coming into the picture, everyone is expecting a detailed investigation in the case and more clarity. Celebs have applauded the move and even shared their view on the late actor’s last movie “Dil Bechara”. Here’s what they had to say: 

Celebs on the CBI probe on Sushant Singh Rajput case:

Celebs on the CBI probe on Sushant Singh Rajput case applauds the decision

Vijayendra Kumeria: 

Well, the truth behind his death has gone with him, of course, we all want to know what exactly happened but speculating what happened is not right. According to me the facts should come in light and for that, a proper inquiry should be done. I was always in full support of a CBI inquiry and happy that they have been roped in now. It makes me think people instead of passing their judgment on social media should demand justice for him. I watched “Dil Bechara” recently. Its a decent film and it got a lot of attention due to the scenario which is a way of showing our respect for him but honestly, I think it wouldn’t have been the case if he was with us. 

Vikas Sethi: 

Yes, I have been following the news daily and though I didn’t know him personally, the news of his death made me cry. Honestly, I feel there is something fishy about the whole case. I mean the police could have accessed his WhatsApp chat details and bank account details so easily, I don’t know what took them so long. But with the CBI now taking the charge, it’s a big sigh of relief and if someone was involved or someone pushed him to take his life, then that person should be punished. I also feel all those using his name and death for their benefit should just leave him alone. Why use his name now. And as far as ‘Dil Bechara’ is concerned, I just couldn’t watch it and I don’t think I will ever have the courage to watch it. 

Pranitaa Pandit: 

With the easy passing day, we are getting to know more and more details about the case and something feels off about the entire thing. I am happy that CBI has finally taken up the case and we will surely get to know more soon. He deserves justice because there is a lot more to the case that needs to be investigated. Sushant was a brilliant actor. ‘Dil Bechara’ has done well online, people have watched it and appreciated the film but yes, somewhere I feel that if he had been here it would have not got as much attention as it got now.   

Amal Sehrawat: 

I have very high regard for Sushant,. Not only he was a hardworking actor but a brilliant human being as well. He sponsored children’s education, had a deep interest in astronomy, could think out of the box and the list of such qualities goes on. I am saddened by the extreme step he has taken, I believe if he wouldn’t have given into that moment of hopelessness he would have been here with us. Let’s all learn a lesson to be strong enough to sail through tough times and let his soul rest in peace. 

Amit Sarin: 

Being away from Mumbai here in LA. I don’t know too many details but it’s sad to see how some aspects of Sushant’s life and family are being discussed on public platforms. I just hope that now the truth should come out and details about any foul play or conspiracy which has taken his life should be investigated. This is very tragic and such untimely death can change so many lives and an entire family forever. May his family have the strength to see through this loss. 

Srman Jain:  

He was a nice guy and we met a couple of times at parties. He has always been a very charming guy and whatever happened with him is sad. Whatever happened to him has gone with him and nobody knows anything. Rhea was three years junior to me in my school in Agra. I don’t know her much and haven’t even met her in the last seven-eight years, but she is sweet. Right now it is very difficult to comment on anything because we all want justice for Sushant. I feel CBI inquiry was much required because if the family is asking for it. It should have been permitted in the first place. It’s for the good because now he and his family will get justice.   

Aarvika Gupta: 

We all want to know what made Sushant take his life. With the CBI investigation now, I am sure we can expect him to get justice. Because honestly, no one was satisfied with whatever was happening with his case earlier. ‘Dil Bechara’ is a beautiful film. I feel that whatever love and attention this film got post his death. It wouldn’t have received any if he was here with us. We should take it as a lesson to support the ones who are deserving. Even the media and audience should realize it and promote real talent. 

So, these were television celebs on the CBI probe on Sushant Singh Rajput case. Tell us about your views through the comments below. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more news and updates.