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World Emoji Day: Celebs share their most-used emojis!


Every day, there are a hundred various methods to express yourself with a unique emoticon for each emotion. Isn’t it always a specific emoji that comes to your rescue, whether you’re boiling with rage or laughing heartily, in total anguish or ecstatic glee? The globe is celebrating Emoji Day today with more than just words to express oneself. On the occasion of World Emoji Day, let’s find out which emoticons your favorite celebrities use.

Celebs share their favorite Emoji!

World Emoji Day: Celebs share their most-used emojis!

Harjinder Singh:

The most used emoji by Singh is 😃. Harjinder Singh says, “Messaging world is beautiful because of emojis. 😃 I use this emoji and I use it when I have nothing to say or I want to avoid or end the conversation. Emoji has made the messaging world beautiful because you get to express more when you use it with words.”

Vijayendra Kumeria:

Kumeria’s favorite emoji is 🤗. He believes messages look a little better with emojis. He also said that “when you don’t have much to say you start using emojis. If the other person is smart enough to understand, then the conversation ends right there.

Apart from the hug emoji, Vijayendra also uses 👍😊. He believes you can attach an emoji and show the expressions you have while typing so that the context of the message is not misunderstood.

Yamini Malhotra:

Yamini Malhotra believes conversations are incomplete without emojis.

“I am a very expressive person. So I love using emojis. I feel a conversation is incomplete without me using emojis. A few of my favourites are – 😋🤗☺️🤣🙄😳 they are all my expressions, either when I want to crack a joke or express love or when I receive a compliment or want to laugh hard and when I don’t like what is being said to me. My chatting world would have been so empty without emojis.”

Sneh Binny:

Binny says texting has become fun and meaningful because of emojis. 

“My favorite Emojis are 💪🏻 🤷🏻♂ 🙈. I use a lot of emojis. And when I’ve had enough I use this 🤷🏻♂ , emojis have made texting fun and more meaningful, emojis are a way to express your feelings and emotions.”

Anjali Phougat:

An easy way to express emotions for Anjali Phougat is to use emojis. “I used emojis all the time and it’s a really easy way to express emotions. Below are a few of my most fav emojis: ♥️👍🏻👏🏻😊⭐ It’s a simple way to express emotion without using words and makes messages easy and expressive.”

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Parul Chaudhry:

The simplest way to convey a message for Parul Chaudhry is to use emojis. 

“I think that Emojis have made the messaging world very beautiful because just by the use of a single Emoji you could convey your emotions whether it’s love, hug, or a kiss. I think there’s Emoji for almost everything. I think it’s a pretty cute one and it’s like the simplest way to convey a message or emotion. I love using Emojis personally. 

My favorite emoji is ❤️. When I have had enough of a conversation I use 😴 or 🤯”

So what’s your favorite emoji? Comment below in the comment section and tell us about your favorite emoji. Watch this space for latest Bollywood news and gossip.

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