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When Missing Flight Came as a Blessing in Disguise for Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar has seen his own set of struggles in his life. The actor did not become a superstar in one day. He had put tremendous amount of efforts to become what he is today. For the actor what seemed to be really sad turned out to be a blessing for him. Amitabh Bachchan keeps sharing his father’s thoughts, one of which is “Man ka ho toh achcha, na ho toh zyaada achcha. Kyun ki phir wo ooper wale ke man ka ho raha hai…aur woh achcha karega.” This really is applicable in Akshay’s situation. Years ago Akshay Kumar missed flight and that made him really sad, however, later it was transformed into a blessing.

When Missing Flight Came as a Blessing in Disguise for Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar

It happened during his struggling days when he was trying hard to make a mark in the industry. He was then a model and was supposed to fly to Bangalore for a modelling assignment. However, the flight which was at six in the morning was mistakenly took by him to be at six in the evening.

He had told Mid-day, “5:10 am I got a call from the airport. The agency guy called me up and said: ‘Where are you?’ I said: ‘Main toh ghar pe hun.’ He said: ‘You know, it’s unprofessional people like you… you’ll never succeed in life’.”

He added, “I was in tears and I was telling him ‘Main abhi aata hun, main bhaag ke aata hun, main motorcycle pe aata hun..’ but unfortunately they didn’t agree and obviously they were right. They had to catch a flight and they went away.”

As expected he was low the entire day until he something huge happened. Thereafter, Akshay revealed, “I remember going to Nataraj Studio. There, I remember meeting Pramod Chakravorty’s company’s make-up man. He told me, ‘Hero banna hai?’ I was called inside and to my surprise he gave me my first cheque. He signed me for three films immediately. He gave me a cheque of ₹ 5,000 – first film was for ₹ 50,000, second film it was written ₹ 1 lakh and third film was ₹ 1.5 lakh. The time he gave me the cheque was 6’o clock in the evening.”

Drop in your thoughts about Akshay Kumar missing flight and then signing three movies back to back.

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