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The Kishore Kumar Biopic: Amit Kumar to make Kishore Kumar biopic


With the renowned singer-composer-factor-filmmaker Kishore Kumar’s birth anniversary approaching, the Ganguly Parivar, sons Kishore and Sumi, and wife Leena Chandavarkar, have decided to create and direct Kishor Kumar biopic on his life and times.

Amit Kumar to make Kishore Kumar biopic

The Kishore Kumar Biopic: Amit Kumar to make Kishore Kumar biopic

Many directors have attempted to make Kishore Kumar biopics. Shoojit Sircar and Anurag Basu are two of them. But it was all for naught. Amit Kumar says, “It was always my idea that we make the biopic. Who knows him (Kishore Kumar) better than his family, after all? We’re going to start shooting the interviews with our family regarding my father,” Amit replies when asked about the biopic.

Amit believes that the filming will take some time. “We expect the script to take at least a year to complete. It will take a lot of effort and a lengthy journey.”

Regarding other directors interested in doing a biopic on the iconic singer, Anurag Basu stated that his version, which is currently stalled due to legal issues. For a long time, Anurag Basu had wanted to produce a biography of late famous singer Kishore Kumar starring Ranbir Kapoor. Despite rumors that the film will be canceled due to Ranbir’s back-to-back commitments, the director of “Barfi!” is adamant about moving through with the movie.

According to reports, the film’s script is complete, but certain legal issues must be addressed. Anurag stated that he would like to obtain permission from those affiliated with Kishore Kumar who is mentioned in the screenplay. Nonetheless, the filmmaker is grateful to the renowned singer’s family for their unwavering support during the production of the film.

However, it has been years since there has been any news on this front. Let’s see who will play Kishore Kumar in Amit Kumar’s remake of the film.

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