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Saqib Saleem Believes in Destiny and Not Nepotism

Bollywood Industry has received a lot of backlash due to the nepotism debate. Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise reignited the never-ending nepotism debate and this has left stars enraged. Many actors and filmmakers opened up about their struggles while entering the industry. The struggles they faced were mainly due to nepotism, favourism and favouritism Now, Saqib Saleem has opined on the same. The actor who is an outsider, feels that one’s career is in one’s hands only. He is a strong believer in destiny too.

Saqib Saleem Believes in Destiny and Not Nepotism:

Saqib Saleem

Saqib said, “I was from Delhi. The last film that my father watched before my first film was Mughal-E-Azam. That is how far we were from the film industry. So, I’ve had a journey and that’s been a great one. I’ve had a great experience. I’ve had great friends, I’ve done some good films bad films, my journey has been mine and only mine.”

Saleem said, “At no point I think that, ‘Arrey uski wajah se meri film reh gayi, nahi mila mujhe’. How can I turn around and say that. If you are honest about your process then things happen.”

As per this 32-year-old actor, favouritism and nepotism are not resonating words in Bollywood. He said, “I don’t see it like an industry thing. There is so much competition and ultimately it is all about the business. There are all kinds of people, so you decide the kind of business you want to do. You can only take responsibility for yourself and not for the entire fraternity in general. You don’t know what anybody else is thinking. We are all humans at that level. We all have our own mind and nobody can control anybody’s mind.”

He concluded, “Of course I am, I have made it on my own and I will keep continuing to do that. Whether I really make it big or don’t ever, I am not seeking that, all want is to be happy basically. Enjoy the journey, there is nothing more important than that.”

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