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Salman Khan Talks About Failed Friendships and his Tendency to get Angry


Salman Khan is an household name from many years and the reason behind is the movies that he did. Currently the actor is also hosting a T.V. reality show Bigg Boss 14. The actor has been linked with the show from quite a long time now and he is appreciated heavily for his work. At a virtual launch event of Deanne Pandey’s new wellness book, he opined on some important factors in life. Salman Khan revealed his thoughts about failed friendships and his tendency to get angry.

Salman Khan Talks About Failed Friendships and his Tendency to get Angry:

Salman Khan

Salman shared that most of the friends that he has are very old bonds. Although he has new friends as well but they are not as close. In addition, he also shared his thoughts on the difference between anger and temper.

When asked if he is a good judge of character, he told NDTV,  “I take a lot of time in becoming friends, so all the friends that I’ve had have been 20-30 years old. And all the new people who keep coming in, they’re there, but they’re not as close as the four-five friends that I’ve had.”

He also shared a thoughtful opinion that when we get to know someone, it’s all cool in the beginning. However, he went on, it is only later that we know their faults. He added, “If you’re okay with their faults then you’re fine. Because their qualities are a thousand times more than what they’re weakness are. If you’re okay with the weaknesses, you’re okay with them, but if you’re not okay with the weaknesses, and some friends aren’t as strong, then you don’t need that relationship.”

Talking about anger and temper, he admitted that he has anger which is needed. Also, he opined that anger is not bad and if you want to take a stand you should have anger. However, temper is not good. Temper makes one upset about small things, “like if someone is late, or if the shoot didn’t start on time. I tell people, look around and see how privileged we are, we should just be grateful for what all we have.”

Drop in your thoughts shared by Salman Khan over failed relationships and difference between anger & temper.

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