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QnA with the actor Salim Diwan | Shares his journey into the entertainment industry


Actor Salim Diwan who had done the film Anurag Arora Murder Case and is now seen in a short film titled “The Perfect Scream” talks about his journey! Having done films and web projects such as Bollywood Diaries, Ankur Arora Murder Case, and The Perfect Scream, Salim Diwan is happy with his journey in showbiz so far. The actor, whose upcoming projects include a romantic film and a thriller movie, shares that he is very particular about the kind of work he associates himself with. Meanwhile, he also keeps busy with his family business. Salim talks about his rendezvous with the entertainment industry, multitasking, and more:   

QnA with the actor Salim Diwan:

actor Salim Diwan

How easy or difficult is it to be a part of Bollywood? What kind of struggle did you face? 

Things take time to happen. I don’t want to use the word struggle as the word is negative. I would like to say that I have gone through the procedure to reach wherever I am today in Bollywood. Everything has its procedure and every actor needs to go through this procedure, it is a continuous process.  I also went through the procedure of being rejected in projects to get some small roles in films like Ankur Arora Murder Case. After a few years, now I am finally getting the opportunity to play lead roles in feature films. But, as I said, this procedure is still on. 

Why did you take a break after doing Ankur Arora Murder Case? 

I don’t feel like working on a project unless I like the concept and character. I am looking for opportunities that will bring out the best in me. Sometimes it also happened that I loved the project but didn’t get a chance to work on the same, and at times it was like I had to take up a few projects to survive. Those compromises are necessary. 

You recently did a short film The Perfect Scream. What is so special about it? Also, tell us about the role you play in it? 

I play the character of an actor in a horror film in a bungalow, and suddenly something spooky happens on the set… I was looking for a project which would allow me to do something new, a character that I have not done before. So, when I got to know that this is a horror short film and the story is interesting, I decided to join the adventure. I also thought this experience would be new and fresh for my fans. 

Bollywood as an industry is affected by the pandemic. Very few films are being shot, and many of those who are a part of the industry is struggling to get back to their feet. How are you coping? 

“Not just the entertainment industry, the crisis has affected everyone. I am fortunate enough that I didn’t face much difficulty but this pandemic has affected me as well. I believe that with every hardship there is a reward. So, I am keeping the hope alive for myself, you, and everyone else. I am sure good times will come back with a bang. 

Do you also run a pharmacy business? 

I have a pharmaceutical business run by my elder brothers. I am very much aggressive when it comes to the business, I have got the responsibility to take the legacy forward, which I am doing, treating millions of people with our products which are available worldwide. 

How do you manage a multi-task? 

When you are passionate and talented enough, you can take time out for everything. It’s just that you have to enjoy the moment, keep the surroundings positive and keep working hard. 

Would you like to do television and why? 

I can’t make myself available daily for a TV show. I won’t be able to manage it alongside my pharmacy business. So, films and the web are suitable because you shoot a project within a given time. 

Who are your favourite Bollywood actors, and why? 

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I like many actors, but the one closest to my heart is Mr Shah Rukh Khan. He is humble and kind. I remember during one of his interviews with Anupam Kher sir, he was asked how did he become so successful and he answered that everyone struggles to get an opportunity, but after getting the opportunity not everyone does as much hard work as I do. 

Who are the directors you want to work with, and why? 

I would like to work with all directors, especially those who are versatile, ready to experiment, have out-of-the-box ideas and know-how to bring out the best from actors. 

Who is your inspiration in terms of acting, and why? 

I am influenced by actors Aamir Khan, Irfan khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hanks. The choices they make are unique and their performances also touch a chord. They are versatile actors. I hope that I will be able to work with at least some of them in my lifetime. Sadly, I won’t get the opportunity to work with Irfan Khan ever. 

So, this was all about the actor Salim Diwan. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for the latest Bollywood news. 

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