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Meera Deosthale to make a digital debut? | Actress reveals her plans and insights


There is a general perception that shows on the web have a lot of bold sequences. While actor Meera Deosthale, who is known for her shows such as Udaan and Vidya; Admits that there are some shows which have such scenes, there are also others who don’t even have a single bold sequence and are also equally loved by the audience. Actress Meera Deosthale to make a digital debut? Find out below. 

“I don’t think the content on the internet is only bold. I think there are certain shows which do have bold content, but then there shows that are made so nicely. Yet they do not have a single scene like for eg- Harshad Mehta. There was not one kiss also in the entire series and yet that series kept you at the edge of your seat. It was that good. Initially, when this thing started, it was just for attracting the audience.”

Adding, “It’s easy to attract the audience with some kind of boldness. My willingness to do bold depends on the character. If that character has those kinds of shades and if that character is worth it, I would surely give it a thought and try to do it. But if it is just for the sake of attracting eyeballs towards the show and it is not required, I will not,” she says. 

The actor is looking forward to bagging some interesting work on the web. “I haven’t acted on the digital platform yet because I have not been offered anything as of now. I didn’t like what was offered to me. So, I said no,” she says. 

Meera Deosthale to make a digital debut:

Meera Deosthale to make a digital debut

Meera feels that the web has a bright future. “I think the digital world is progressing way faster than we would have thought. People, especially those living in cities, are highly influenced by digital media. And they enjoy watching content on digital stuff,” she says, adding, “The future is bright, it is only going to progress and progress, and more and more people are going to enjoy watching different kinds of content. I think it has become a platform where someone who doesn’t have a platform to showcase his or her talent can put it on the internet. The whole world is going to watch it and appreciate it. It’s worth it, so it’s amazing.” 

Ask her what she likes to watch, and she says, “I like watching all kinds of shows and web series on the internet. It depends on my mood. There are times when I just want to watch a chick flick. So, I will do that, and there are times when I have had a long day, and at that time, I enjoy watching shows like Friends. I enjoyed watching Lucifer, The designated Survivor, and many more shows.” 

Meera says that many actors have got a platform on the web, and that is great. “The web has given a lot of actors a chance whom we have not seen before. To be honest, they are doing a decent job. Whatever change is happening in the industry, I feel it’s for the best. I hope that I might end up getting a role that is remarkable. One that will help me to set standards,” she says. 


While there are a plethora of series on the web, if the content is good, it will get popular, says Meera. “Of course, there are a lot of short films and web series that are being made, and that’s why it is becoming difficult to recall because I think their content might not be as strong as maybe Sacred Games. I think it is all about content. If your content is strong then it will mark a mark,” she says. 

So, this was all on Meera Deosthale to make a digital debut. Stay tuned to Bollywood Hush for more updates. 

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